Traffic & Streets

Does the City of Mountain View issue permits for the placement of PODS or other storage units on the roadway?
No, the City of Mountain View does not allow the placement of PODS or other storage units on the public roadway. They do not meet Section 670 of the California Vehicle Code, therefore they are not allowed to be parked on the street. Placement of units in the public right of way may result in a citation and fines.              
How do I obtain an oversize truck permit from the City?

Apply at least 4-6 days in advance of date needed.  Complete the permit application and email all the required documents listed below to the Public Works Department at

  • Permit Application
  • Copy of your valid State permit, and
  • Copy of check payable to “City of Mountain View” in the amount of $16 for each permit application. Check must be mailed to us the same day.

*The City of Mountain View does not issue annual oversized truck permits.

*The City of Mountain View does not issue parking permits for moving trucks (residential type, e.g. U-haul) nor does it it provide "no parking" signs for residential type moving vehicles.  

Where can I get information about red curbs near driveways?

Driveway red curbing is a special type of red zone that is installed at driveways. Short sections of red curbing, typically requested by property owners, can be installed on either side of a driveway to promote better maneuverability into and out of the driveway and to improve visibility from the driveway.

Driveway red curbing can be installed to eliminate non-standard parking spaces (less than 18 feet) between driveways; a condition that sometimes leads to one or both driveways being partially blocked by parked vehicles. A typical driveway red-curb installation would include five feet of red curbing on either side of the driveway. However, the length of red curb installed at each location could be adjusted on a case-by-case basis depending on other factors, such as adjacent parking and operations at adjacent driveways. Parking restrictions for driveway red curbing is enforceable just as any other no-parking zone in the City (i.e., any vehicle, including that of the property owner, can be cited for parking in a driveway red curb zone).

If you have questions or would like to request that the City evaluate your situation to see if adding red curb would be appropriate, please use the Ask Mountain View system.

How do I report an issue regarding Highway 101, Highway 237 or El Camino Real?
How do I report an issue regarding Central Expressway?
Go to the County of Santa Clara website for information.
How do I request a stop sign?
For information on stop signs, contact the City Traffic Engineer at (650) 903-6311.
How do I report a street light outage?
Report street light outages to Public Services at (650) 903-6329.
What can I do about speeding traffic on my street?
The Neighborhood Traffic Management Program may address your concerns.
Who do I call to report a traffic signal outage?

Traffic signal outages should be reported to Public Works at (650) 903-6311. Signals along Central Expressway are the responsibility of Santa Clara County and signals along El Camino Real and freeway off-ramps are the responsibility of Caltrans who may take longer to respond.

Caltrans:  415-330-6500  (after hours:  510-286-6918)

Santa Clara County:  408-494-2700