Land Development

Can I put a POD, or other temporary storage unit, on the street in front of my house?

No, the City of Mountain View does not allow the placement of PODS, or other storage units, on the public street. They do not meet Section 670 of the California Vehicle Code, therefore they are not allowed on the street. Placement of these units in the public street, or public right-of-way, may result in a citation and fines.

Do I need a permit to do work in the street?

An excavation permit is required anytime work is being done within a city street or city sidewalk area (within the public right-of-way). This includes but is not limited to the following types of projects: Repairs of sidewalk curbs and gutters; new sidewalk, curb, gutter, driveways; ADA ramps; utility work; proposed lane closures. Please see the City's Excavation Permit Application for more information.

How can I find out if my property is in a FEMA Flood Zone?
Please email us your address and we’ll review the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps and give you a determination. You should also visit FEMA’s website on flood risk.
What fees are required if I develop/redevelop my property?
Please see the Development Fee Schedule. Feel free to call us with questions for your specific property.