Code Enforcement

What code violations are handled by the Code Enforcement Division?
  • Animals: too many; unsanitary conditions on property
  • Blight or front yard storage
  • Home occupations/business
  • Illegal fences
  • Illegally posted signs
  • Inoperable/abandoned vehicles on private property
  • Mobile vending
  • Overgrown weeds/weed abatement
  • Vegetation blocking sidewalk, obstructing signs or obstructing vehicle sight lines
If a code violation is NOT handled by the Code Enforcement Division, who in the City should I contact?
What agency do I contact to handle the following issues?
How do I notify the City about a possible code violation?

If you would like to report a possible code violation, please contact the Code Enforcement Division in one of the following ways:

What is the procedure for following up on possible code violations?
City staff responds to code enforcement complaints according to the impact of the violation on the community. Situations that appear to pose a serious risk to health and safety are given top priority; others are pursued in the order in which they are received.
What if my question is not answered here? How do I find further information?
Please call the Code Enforcement Division at (650) 526-7713 for more information.