Are there picnic grounds at Shoreline At Mountain View?
There is a large grassy area alongside the Shoreline Sailing Lake that is ideal for individual families to bring a blanket and a picnic lunch.  Shoreline At Mountain View is an environmental preserve and, therefore, unlike many City parks, does not provide areas for individual or group barbecues, large functions or organized sports.  Cuesta and Rengstorff Parks, both located in Mountain View, have picnic areas that can accommodate multi-family get togethers as well as large groups.  More information regarding reservations is available by calling Reservations at 650-903-6074 or by calling Shoreline at 650-903-6392.
Can I rent the Rengstorff House for a private function and how do I get more information?
The Rengstorff House is open to the public for tours of the historic home on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Other than those days/hours, the House may be rented for private functions. More information is available by visiting the R House webpages or by calling the Rental Coordinator at (650) 903-6088.
Does Michaels At Shoreline or Shoreline Sailing Lake have facilities for a wedding reception, party or other private events?


At Michaels, in addition to the grill which is open to the public seven days a week for breakfast and lunch, full service banquet facilities for private events are also available.  For more information, see Michaels At Shoreline or call (650) 962-1014.

The Lakeside Cafe features late breadfast, lunch and snacks and is also a popular venue for outdoor group events. More information is available online or by calling (650) 965-3779.

How can I find out about concert dates and performers at the Shoreline Amphitheatre?
Shoreline Amphitheatre is independently operated by Live Nation.  For information about dates and performers, please visit Shoreline Amphitheatre or call (650) 967-4040.
How can I get a map of the Stevens Creek Trail?
A map of the trail is available on the Shoreline Trails page at or at the Shoreline Business Office located in the Rengstorff House in Shoreline At Mountain View at (650) 903-6392.
How can I register for sailing, windsurfing lessons and summer camp at the Shoreline Sailing Lake?
Lessons and camps at the Shoreline Sailing Lake are offered through Silicon Shores. Equipment rentals including sailboats, windsurfing boards, canoes, kayaks, paddle boats and bicycles are also available. The Lakeside Cafe serves breakfast and lunch and is open seven days a week. More information is available at Shoreline Lake or by calling (650) 965-7474.
What should I do if I observe a dog with aggressive behavior?
If you observe a dog with aggressive and/or unwanted behavior (i.e., mounting), calmly speak to its owner about the problem. If the problem persists, remove yourself from the situation and call the Shoreline Office at (650) 903-6392. Also, if you observe a particular dog with aggressive and/or unwanted behavior on repeated visits to the Dog Park, please notify the Shoreline Office. In the event of an emergency, call the Mountain View Police Department at 911.