Business Licenses

General Business License Application

If you are planning on starting a business located in the City of Mountain View or conducting business within the City's limits, you must first complete a business license application and submit it to the Community Development Department-Planning Division located on the 1st floor of City Hall, phone (650) 903-6306, for approval that your type of business is permitted or allowed at the desired location. Please check with CDD for their hours of operation.  For information about Mountain View's Municipal Codes and Enforcement, please read the provisions under Chapter 18 - Licenses.

To read up on the City of Mountain View's minimum wage law, please click here.

Getting Started

NAICS Code and Mountain View Code

Before beginning the application, please find the correct North American Industry Classification System (NAICS, pronounced Nakes) 6-digit code and Mountain View Business Description 4-digit code for your business.

Fill Out the Application and Sign

Mobile Vendors:
 Please print a copy of the Mobile Vending Checklist and the Instructions for Mobile Vending's Certificates of Insurance.  ALL items need to be completed and turned in with your applications before a license will be issued.  For more information, read the FAQs for Mobile Vending, then fill out the online application and the Mobile Vending Application.

Chapter 15 of the Municipal Code discusses this further.

Submit the Application

Once the application(s) are completely filled out and signed, please submit the application(s) and all additional required forms and pay related fees by visiting the Finance and Administrative Services Department, located on the 2nd Floor of the City Hall building, 500 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041.  Please call (650) 903-6317 if you have questions.

Issuance of License

Your Business License application must be approved by CDD first before Finance can take your Business License payment and process your Business License application.  At the time that you file the application and pay the required Business License Tax in the Finance Department you will receive a receipt verifying payment. Your City of Mountain View License will be mailed to you after all appropriate City Departments have reviewed your application. This could take up to three (3) weeks. You should not operate the business until all City requirements are met.

Senate Bill 205 - Business Licenses:  Stormwater Discharge Compliance

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The State of California’s “Stormwater Industrial General Permit (IGP)” is a regulation that is intended to protect water quality.   Some types of industrial activities are required to apply for coverage under the IGP, implement pollution controls, and complete monitoring and reporting requirements.  As of January 1, 2020, businesses submitting a business license application that are subject to IGP requirements must provide proof of enrollment in the IGP program.  A description of industrial facilities subject to the IGP, and a list of SIC codes subject to the IGP are provided below:



If your business operation is included in the primary SIC list and is subject to the IGP, provide the names and locations of all facilities with covered industrial operations, as well as one of the following: 1) Waste Discharge Identification Number (WDID) for coverage under the IGP; Notice of Non-Applicability (NONA); or No Exposure Certification (NEC) with your business license application.  Please refer to the California State water Resources Control Board website link below for additional information about the IGP:

Quarterly Business License Listing

If you are interested in the listing of active businesses in Mountain View, click here.  This report will be updated quarterly in January, April, July and October.


The Business License Fee Schedule determines the fee amount due based on the type and location of your business. The amount of Business License Fees assessed in the first year of business is prorated based on the quarter in which the business started. All Business Licenses expire at the end of each calendar year and pursuant to Chapter 18 of the City Code need to be renewed on an annual basis.

On September 19, 2012, Governor Brown signed into law Senate Bill 1186 which added a state fee of $1 on every application or renewal of a business certificate (or equivalent instrument) from January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2017.  All cities and counties within California are required to collect the mandated state fees.

On October 11, 2017, Governor Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 1379, effective January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2023, which increases this fee from $1 to $4.

The City of Mountain View's initial Business Certificate fee and Renewal fee includes the state fee.  The $4 state fee is required to be added on to all payments received.  The fee provides for the development of educational resources for the businesses in order to facilitate compliance with federal and state disability laws.

Compliance with Disability Access

Under federal and state law, compliance with disability access laws is a serious and significant responsibility that applies to all California building owners and tenants with buildings open to the public.  You may obtain information about your legal obligations and how to comply with disability access laws at the following agencies:

The Division of the State Architect at

The Department of Rehabilitation at

The California Commission on Disability Access at

You can obtain a copy of the full text of SB 1186 (Chapter 383, 2011-12) and AB 1379 (Chapter 667, 2017-18) from the California Legislative Information website at

For specific information on the amount of Business License Fee that is due for your business, please contact the Finance Department at (650) 903-6317.

Delinquency / Penalties

Any person who fails to file any required statement and / or pay the amount for the business license fee within thirty (30) days after it becomes due shall be subject to a penalty of ten percent (10%) of the fee amount for each thirty (30) day calendar month of delinquency to a maximum of fifty percent (50%), plus reasonable collection and legal costs.


If there is a change of ownership, business name or location, you are required to obtain a new business license and are subject to any associated fees and approvals.

Sold or Discontinued Businesses

If your business is sold or discontinued, please complete the Declaration attached to the City of Mountain View Business License issued to you and return that portion to:

City of Mountain View
Finance & Administrative Services Department

Attn Business License
PO Box 7540
Mountain View CA 94039-7540
(650) 903-6317