Public Safety

Do you offer first aid or CPR training?
The CERT course includes information on Disaster Medical Operations.  For CPR training contact Red Cross at 650-688-0415.  Class schedules are available at
How can I get a tour of a fire station?
Fire stations are available for tours, with the following guidelines:

Families are welcome to stop by their neighborhood fire station on weekend afternoons for informal tours.
Organized community and civic groups are encouraged to arrange a tour of any of our fire stations.  These tours can be arranged any time throughout the year.  You can request tours by calling Jaime Garrett at 650-903-6102 or by email at

How do I get an incident report for a fire or medical call?
Please contact our administrative staff at 650-903-6851 for assistance with report requests.
How do I schedule an inspection?
Housing, hazardous materials, and fire code inspections can be scheduled directly with the individual inspector responsible for each area of enforcement.  If the inspector's name/phone number is not known, an individual can call 903-6378 to access the fire department phone tree. 
How much do the annual environmental compliance fees cost?
Fees will vary based on the nature of the business- Hazardous materials fees are based on quantity of material.   Underground tanks are charged a flat fee per tank.
I have a question about the work I need to do to correct violations.  Who can assist me?
Use the same procedure as stated above.  In most cases the inspector will initiate a follow up inspection to verify compliance.
I want to report a potential fire hazard, whom do I talk to?
The public can call 650-903-6378 to access the fire department phone tree.  The phone tree will help direct their call to the proper fire inspector.
I would like to have the Police Service Dog Program give a demonstration to my group or organization.
The Mountain View Police Department Police Service Dog Program must be diligent in promoting a safe environment for our community, preventing issues that may expose the City of Mountain View to unnecessary liability, and be fiscally responsible with our budget.  Keeping those responsibilities in mind, we do not give public demonstrations in an uncontrolled environment such as a homeowner's association gathering, block party event, etc. We do not give public demonstrations to any group or organization not a part of the Mountain View community. For any questions you can contact the Unit Coordinator Sergeant Dale Messimer at (650) 903-6344 ext. 1486.
When are the CERT classes being held? Do you offer CERT classes in Spanish?
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training is offered several times each year in English and Spanish.  To check class schedules, visit the CERT website.  To register for CERT call 650-903-6365