Accessory Dwelling Units


A companion unit is a secondary living unit often referred to as a granny unit, an in-law unit or renters unit. These units are permitted on single-family properties located in the R1 zoning district. These units can be detached from the primary house or attached to the primary house with no shared interior doors. For more information on companion unit requirements and allowances, visit the zoning page.

Companion units do not require a Planning permit, but do require a building permit. Planning staff encourages a property owner, or architect, to have their proposed plans preliminarily reviewed by a Planner and Land Development Engineer prior to submitting for building permits. This is to ensure the companion unit complies with the development standards and that plans include all necessary information. No appointments or fees are required for informal review, as they are completed on a first-come, first-serve basis at the public counter.
Park Land Dedication In-Lieu Fee

Prior to building permit issuance, a one-time Park Land Dedication In-Lieu fee is required for new living units, including companion units. This fee is collected by the Public Works Department to purchase land to create new neighborhood parks and to renovate or improve existing parks and park facilities. Staff encourages you to get an estimate of the fee from the Public Works Department prior to submitting for building permits by contacting them at (650) 903-6311.