El Camino Real, also known as State Route 82, is owned and operated by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). It is an important multimodal transportation corridor that travels through Mountain View and is a spine of activity connecting shops, businesses and multi-family housing with freeways, trails, neighborhood streets, and transit. The City’s General Plan envisions the corridor as a revitalized boulevard that connects rather than divides the City. However, the City’s Vision Zero analysis identified El Camino as the highest corridor on Mountain View’s high injury network. Between 2011 and 2020, 13 of the 21 fatal or severe injury collisions that occurred on El Camino affected a person walking or biking.

To advance the General Plan vision of a revitalized El Camino, Mountain View City Council approved the El Camino Real Precise Plan in 2014 and El Camino Real Streetscape Plan in 2019. Community outreach and engagement conducted for the Streetscape Plan and El Camino Real Pedestrian/Bicycle Improvements Project included 4,000 postcards, door-to-door outreach to all properties fronting El Camino Real, email blasts, yard signs, three community meetings, four Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee (B/PAC) meetings, two Council Transportation Committee (CTC) meetings, and two City Council meetings. 

The Streetscape Plan calls for pedestrian and bicycle improvements that include conversion of on-street parking to protected bikeways and bike lanes along El Camino, intersection improvements and three new pedestrian crossings. Parking surveys completed on weekdays and weekends in 2018 and 2019 indicate low on-street parking utilization along El Camino in Mountain View. In locations where people parked on street, surveys indicated that the parked vehicles could be accommodated in vacant on-site (off-street) spaces for all but three or four properties.  Conditions of developments require that parking demand be accommodated on-site for new developments.

virtual community meeting was held on August 4, 2021 to obtain feedback on implementation of the Streetscape Plan. This issue was also presented to the Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee at their August 25, 2021 meeting and City Council on September 14, 2021.

On September 14, 2021, the City Council approved entering into a cooperative agreement with Caltrans to provide $6.7 million in City and grant funds toward incorporating many of the pedestrian and bicycle improvements identified in the Streetscape Plan into Caltrans' upcoming project to repave El Camino Real. The Council also adopted a resolution to remove all on-street parking along El Camino Real between Sylvan Avenue and Rengstorff Avenue to make this space to add bike facilities.  

The City is working with Caltrans to integrate Streetscape Plan improvements between Sylvan Avenue and Rengstorff Avenue into the upcoming repaving project. This project is currently being designed and Caltrans expects to begin construction in 2023. Planned improvements include: 

  • Resurfaced pavement;
  • Curb ramp upgrades;
  • High visibility crosswalks at all signalized intersections;
  • Corner bulbouts at various unsignalized side streets;
  • Class IV protected bikeways for most segments between Sylvan Avenue and Rengstorff Avenue;
  • Segments of Class II bike lanes and green dashed paint at locations with constricted right-of-way, and across driveways and intersections; and
  • Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB) crossings at Pettis Avenue, Bonita Avenue and Crestview Drive in Mountain View.