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Transportation Management

transit centerReviews, analyzes, and evaluates City and regional transportation issues, studies, and policies that impact the City and develop recommendations for improvements. Serves as the liaison and advocate for City positions with County, regional, and State agencies involved in transportation planning and provides support to the Council Transportation Committee and Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

The Division is also responsible for developing and administering the City's capital improvement programs, preparing financial reports, managing contracts, overseeing grant applications and monitoring grant awards, and providing clerical support to Public Works Department operations at City Hall.

Call (650) 903-6311 to contact the Transportation and Business Services Division.

Property Management

Manages appraisals, lease, sale and acquisition of City property.

Solid Waste Management

Manages contracts for waste collection, disposal, and SMaRT Station recycling services. Develops and implements residential and commercial waste reduction and recycling programs.

Transportation in Mountain View

Mountain View is served by a diverse and high-quality transportation network. For more information, see our Getting Around Mountain View page.

Transportation Projects


San Antonio Train Station

Summer 2016 Update:  Google and the City have been working towards finalizing the construction plans and Google anticipates beginning construction of the Rails project in Fall of 2016. For more information contact Mary Stewart, Senior Design Associate with Alta Planning + Design, at (408) 564-8606 or

On August 27, 2015 a community meeting was held by Google and the City to get input from the public about the Rails project. Google is proposing various bicycle and pedestrian improvements from the San Antonio Caltrain Station to the Permanente Creek Trail entrance at Rock Street. The project has been named "The Rails" by Google. The improvements would be in the City's right-of-way and include various intersection, pedestrian and bicycle improvements, wayfinding signage, and striping. The project would be completely funded by Google.

The conceptual plans that were presented at this meeting showing the proposed areas of improvements are available below.

Overview Map and Area 1 (Expressway, Mayfield, Nita) 

Area 2 (Dell, Victory, W. Middlefield and east portion of Rock)

Area 3 (Rock Street)

Area 4 (North portion of Farley and Sierra Vista, W. Middlefield between Farley and Sierra Vista)

Area 5 (N. Rengstorff at Montecito-Jewel, Montecito between Farley and Sierra Vista, California at Pacchetti)

Contact the Public Works Department at or 650-903-6311.

VTA El Camino Real Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

The City Council authorized the Mayor to send a letter to the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) commenting on the Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment conducted for the proposed El Camino Real Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project at its December 16, 2014 meeting (staff report).

The VTA's proposed BRT project will provide enhanced bus service intended to attract increased ridership by offering shorter travel times, new specialized buses and technological improvements. For more information about the BRT project, visit the VTA's website.

Shoreline Boulevard Corridor Study

The City Council approved a conceptual design for integrated transit, bicycle and pedestrian facilities in the Shoreline Boulevard Corridor from Downtown Mountain View and Downtown Transit Center to the City's North Bayshore Area at its November 25, 2014 meeting (staff report).

Shoreline Regional Park Community Transportation Study

The Shoreline Regional Park Community Transportation Study was completed in 2013. The purpose of the Transportation Study was to evaluate the anticipated impacts of the planned long-term growth in the City's North Bayshore Area envisioned in the 2030 General Plan and identify a recommended set of transportation strategies to address the near-, mid-, and long-term transportation needs of the City's North Bayshore Area.

Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee (B/PAC)

The City's B/PAC is an advisory body to the City Council on matters relating to bicycle and pedestrian transportation. The B/PAC members advise and make recommendations to the City Council on policy, proposed improvements, and the operation and maintenance of the City's bicycle and pedestrian facilities. 

Regional Agencies and Projects