Suggested Routes to School

Suggested Routes to Schools

The City of Mountain View was awarded two three-year, $500,000 Vehicle Emissions Reductions Based at Schools (VERBS) grants in 2010 and 2013 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions around schools and encourage bicycling and walking to schools through age-appropriate educational programs for Grades K-12.  Public and private schools in Mountain View, as well as Los Altos High School, participated in the program.

Walking and Biking Routes to Schools

 Bubb  Huff  Stevenson
 Castro  Landels  Theuerkauf
 Crittenden  Monta Loma  Los Altos High School
 Graham  Springer  Mt. View High School
     Alta Vista


School Transportation Data

2016 Jul-Sept VERBS Data
2016 Jul-Sept VERBS Data (Excel)
2016 Apr-June VERBS Data
2016 Apr-June VERBS Data (Excel)
2015 Oct-Dec VERBS Data
2015 Sept VERBS Update
2015 Apr-June VERBS Data
2013-14 VERBS Data

2012-13 VERBS Data
2011-12 VERBS Data