Roads and Transportation

Mountain View has a diverse and high-quality transportation network that serves all transportation modes, including pedestrians, bicycles, transit and motor vehicles.

The city has a robust and well-maintained network of local streets, with easy access to U.S. Route 101, State Highway 85, California State Route 237, El Camino Real (California State Route 82), and Central Expressway (County Route G6).

The city also has a network of accessible sidewalks, bike lanes, and beautiful multi-use trails such as Stevens Creek Trail and Permanente Creek Trail—making it increasingly attractive and convenient for people to get around without a car.  For more information and maps, visit Walking and Bicycling in Mountain View

The centerpiece of Mountain View’s transportation system is its award-winning Downtown Transit Center, delightful Castro Street dining district, and walkable Historic Downtown.  Conveniently located Downtown, Mountain View’s Caltrain station is one of the busiest and most convenient in Silicon Valley, serving Caltrain baby bullet, VTA light rail transit (LRT), VTA bus, Mountain View community shuttle and MVgo shuttle services.  Visit Transit and Shuttles for more information on public transit.

Roads and Transportation are a top priority in Mountain View.  City Council has identified three major goals for Fiscal Years 2017-2019:

Promote strategies to protect vulnerable populations and preserve the socioeconomic and cultural diversity of the community.

  1. Improve the quantity, diversity, and affordability of housing with an added focus on middle-income and ownership opportunities.

  2. Develop and implement comprehensive and coordinated transportation strategies to achieve mobility, connectivity, and safety for people of all ages.

  3. Promote environmental sustainability with a focus on measurable outcomes.

For more details regarding projects and initiatives the City is undertaking in support of these Council goals, visit Council Goals and Accomplishments.

The Council Transportation Committee also meets on an as-needed basis to discuss transportation issues in Mountain View.