Call (650) 903-6329 to report water main breaks and other water distribution system problems. We respond at all hours.

The City works to ensure a reliable, high-quality water supply for Mountain View residents and businesses.  Mountain View’s water distribution network delivers an average of 10 million gallons each day, conveying the water which not only supplies the taps within homes but is also used to fight fires, support the economy, and sustain a high quality of life for Mountain View residents.

The City’s Water Service plays a critical role in providing a safe and reliable water supply.  Water staff work to:

  • Monitor and manage the flow of water within the distribution system;
  • Conduct preventive maintenance on pipelines, valves, pump stations, backflow prevention devices, and water meters;
  • Complete needed repairs to the system in a timely manner; and
  • Ensure compliance with State and Federal water quality standards.