Wastewater (Sewer)


Call (650) 903-6329 to report a sewer back up, an overflow, or flooding/standing water. We respond at all hours.

Where does wastewater go after it’s been used to wash dishes and laundry, flush toilets, and take showers? In Mountain View, sanitary sewer pipes and pump stations convey wastewater away from businesses and homes to a wastewater treatment plant in Palo Alto. There, it is treated before being discharged to the Bay or treated further for use as recycled water.

Mountain View’s Wastewater staff maintain the City’s sanitary sewer system which carries wastewater away to the treatment plant, playing an important role in public health and disease prevention. Wastewater staff work to

  • Inspect and monitor the condition of the sanitary sewer pipes.
  • Clean sewer pipes to remove buildup.
  • Repair and replace sewer pipes in poor condition.
  • Respond to customers’ sewer-related problems.
  • Conduct educational outreach to plumbers and building contractors.

The City’s Wastewater Section also maintains a network of storm drains that direct surface water runoff to the Bay and help to prevent flooding. The storm drain system is separate from the wastewater system.