Site Supervisors

All recycled water customers must designate a Site Supervisor who has the authority to carry out any actions necessary for the customer to comply with Mountain View's Customer Guidelines for Recycled Use.

Site Supervisor Responsibilities

Establishing a Connection

  1. Be present during the cross-connection test.
  2. Perform site irrigation coverage test and submit a completed form to the City.

Ongoing Duties

  1. Operate and maintain the on-site recycled water system.
  2. Ensure against cross-connections between potable and recycled water systems.
  3. Understand requirements in relation to the safe use of recycled water and maintenance of accurate records.
  4. Know basic concepts of backflow and cross-connection prevention, system testing and related emergency procedures.
  5. Train personnel on the proper use of recycled water.
  6. Perform regular inspections of the entire on-site recycled water system. Immediately complete all needed repairs and correct any conditions that violate the recycled water use requirements.
  7. Submit a completed self-inspection report to the City prior to June 1 of each year.
  8. Check and maintain recycled water identification signs, tags, stickers and above-ground pipe markings.
  9. Check irrigation spray patterns to eliminate ponding, runoff and windblown spray conditions.
  10. Establish and maintain an accurate record-keeping system of all inspections, modifications and repair work.
  11. Prevent and report violations.
  12. Inform City of all failures, violations, and emergencies that involve the recycled OR potable water systems.


Annually, the Site Supervisor must complete, sign, and submit a self-inspection report to the City before June 1st each calendar year. In addition to the Annual Self-Inspection Report, the Site Supervisor must report all recycled water system failures, violations, and emergencies to the City.


Each Site Supervisor must attend a training prior to obtaining a final Recycled Water Permit. Contact Mountain View's Recycled Water Program at (650) 903-6329 to schedule a training.

Change of Site Supervisor

Customers must maintain a dedicated site supervisor. If responsibilities are transferred, the customer must designate a new person to fulfill the role of Site Supervisor, and must have the new person attend Site Supervisor training. Customers must also contact the City within 30 days and provide the City with the contact information for the new Site Supervisor.