Customer Guidelines

Recycled water customers must follow State and local requirements to protect public health.

Mountain View's Customer Guidelines for Recycled Water Use serve as the main resource for understanding and complying with these requirements.

Approved Uses

Approved uses of recycled water are governed by the State of California. In Mountain View, recycled water is most commonly used for landscape irrigation, however some customers are beginning to investigate the use of recycled water for other purposes, such as toilet flushing and cooling towers. The quality of Mountain View's recycled water is approved by the State for many uses. Click the link below for a summary of approved uses.

Local Requirements and Guidelines

The City of Mountain View's Recycled Water Ordinance requires customers in the North Bayshore Area to use recycled water for landscape irrigation. The City's Customer Guidelines for Recycled Water Use outline the process for establishing and maintaining a recycled water service connection. This document serves as the main resource for understanding and complying with local and State recycled water regulations in Mountain View.

State and Regional Regulations

Several State regulations govern recycled water treatment, quality, and use in California. The San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board Order No.93-160 sets standards of recycled water production, distribution, and quality for the Palo Alto treatment plant and its service area, which includes Mountain View. The City's Customer Guidelines help customers to comply with California's State Recycled Water Policy as well as regional laws concerning recycled water.

Federal Guidelines

Though recycled water is not regulated on a national level, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has developed Water Reuse Guidelines.