Connecting to the System

How to Connect

Follow the links below for details on the connecting process, required forms, and applicable rules and guidelines. For questions and clarifications about a connection for your service address, call Mountain View's Recycled Water Program at (650) 903-6329.

Site Supervisors

Each recycled water use site must have a designated Site Supervisor. The Site Supervisor completes a training and ensures that recycled water use complies with the City's guidelines.


Recycled water customers enjoy lower water rates. Mountain View's Utility Billing page lists all rates for potable and recycled water.

Managing Your Connection

To maintain an established recycled water connection, on-site recycled water systems must be operated in accordance with the City's Customer Guidelines for Recycled Water Use. The customer's designated Site Supervisor must also regularly submit an Annual Self-Inspection Report. For customers using recycled water indoors, a cross-connection test must be performed at least once every four years, with visual inspections performed annually.