Free Programs and Rebates for Residents

FREE Tree Programs

Street Tree Program. Do you have a parking strip that is ready for a new look? Street trees are planted and pruned by City staff and provide increased value for your property and community. For more details visit or call the Forestry Division at (650) 903-6326.

Arbor Day Tree Giveaway Program. Spruce up your yard with a new tree. Eligible residents can receive a free pre-approved tree delivered by City staff to plant anywhere in their yard. Program registration is open annually from January to March. For more details visit or call the Forestry Division at (650) 903-6326.

Water-Wise SURVEYS

Register for a free outdoor water wise survey with a trained irrigation professional to check for system leaks and optimize your watering schedule.  Call (408) 630-2000 or fill out the Water Wise Survey Request Form.  Receive a free Do-It-Yourself (DIY) indoor water-wise survey kit to check your toilets for leaks and test the flow rate of your faucets and showerhead.  Click here to view the leak check instructions online, or call (408) 630-2554 to request a DIY kit today.  Click here for more details about the Water Wise Survey Program from Valley Water.


Water-saving items are available after completing the Water Wise Indoor Survey Kit's Home Survey Worksheet located on page 9-10 in the step-by-step guide or online at Items include low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators (for bathroom and kitchen sinks), replacement toilet flappers, and shower timers. For more information, contact Valley Water at (408) 630-2554.

Landscape and Irrigation Rebates

Landscape Rebate Program.  Eligible customers may receive a rebate for converting lawn to water-efficient landscape and for installing water-efficient irrigation equipment. Call (408) 630-2554 or click here for more information. 

Rainwater Capture Program.  Receive a rebate to install a qualifying rain barrel to collect rainwater from existing downspouts, or to divert existing downspouts to qualifying cisterns, or to install a rain garden to collect roof water runoff.  Call (408) 630-2554 or click here for more information.

Our City Forest Lawn Busters Program.  Veterans, seniors, low-income customers, and persons with disabilities may be eligible for the FREE Lawnbusters program though Our City Forests.  Information about this free garden replacement program can be found at

Graywater Rebate - Laundry to Landscape

Valley Water provides a rebate of $200 per qualifying residential site for properly connecting a clothes washer to a graywater irrigation system. Call (408) 630-2554 or click here for more information. Pre-approval required.

Visit the or call the (408) 630-2554, for more information about water conservation programs available to Mountain View's residents.