Updated July 13, 2021

Governor Newsom has requested 15% voluntary water conservation, Statewide.  The majority of Mountain View's drinking water come from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. SFPUC's regional water system is not expected to enter a water shortage emergency this summer, however customers are encouraged to continue using water wisely, and limit irrigation to 3 days per week. Below is a list of potable water-use restrictions in effect at all times. The full text of each restriction is included in City Code Section 35.28.1 et. seq.. Information about the City's water rates and billing can be found here.

Do Not:
• Allow water to run off into paved areas (gutters, sidewalks, streets)
• Allow broken equipment to waste water
• Wash paved surfaces and vehicles with a hose that does not have an automatic shutoff sprayer 
• Operate a single-pass cooling system

• Fix leaks within ten days of noticing them
• Install an automatic shutoff sprayer on your hose when washing paved surfaces and vehicles
• Restaurants: Ask before serving water

Contact us for details or clarification.