Drought Tree Care

Tree Care Tips

Mature trees can become stressed during times of drought. Drought-stressed trees are more prone to damage from diseases and insects. Check trees regularly for signs of stress and follow our watering instructions to help them during the current drought.

Signs of stress:
Wilting or drooping leaves that do not return to normal by evening.
Curled or yellow leaves that fold or drop.
Foliage that becomes grayish and loses its green luster.

Watering instructions:
• Mature trees: Coil a dripline or soaker hose under the outer edge of the tree canopy. Water once a month until the soil is moist to a depth of 12 inches (approximately two hours).
• Young trees (1-3 years old): Build a soil berm around the outer edges of the root zone. Fill the basin with a 5 gallon bucket three times per week.

Additional resources:
• Save Our Water - Watch helpful videos and learn tree care tips to keep your trees healthy during a drought.
• Canopy - Explore general and drought tree care resources, local tree species and arborists, and view regulations for Mountain View trees.
• University of California Drought Tips - A detailed read on how to keep plants alive during a drought. Click Here to view more water wise gardening reading material. 
• Mountain View Parks Division - Speak to a specialist at (650) 903-6326.

Free tree programs

Arbor Day Tree Giveaway Program. Spruce up your yard with a new tree. Eligible City of Mountain View residents can receive one (15 gallon) tree delivered by City staff to plant anywhere in their yard. The preapproved tree list and registration is open annually from January until mid-March. For more details visit mountainview.gov/freetree or call the Forestry Division at (650) 903-6326.

Street Tree ProgramDo you have space for a new tree near your sidewalk? Street tree plantings are coordinated by the City's Forestry staff at no cost to the property owner. Street trees receive pruning and care by the Forestry Department, all we ask is that you water the tree. For more details visit mountainview.gov/street_tree or call the Forestry Division at (650) 903-6326.