Water Saving Tips for Businesses

Five-Step Plan for Conserving Water

  1. Make the decision to commit to water conservation.
  2. Create a water conservation team or select a water conservation leader.
  3. Set a water conservation goal for your business.
  4. Develop a plan to help your business save water.
  5. Monitor your results and report on how much water your business is saving.

Components of a Water Conservation Plan

  • Review your business water consumption history and understand which areas use the most water (irrigation, domestic, cooling, etc.).
  • Identify opportunities to save water, including participating in free programs and rebates offered by Valley Water.
  • Upgrade your water-using fixtures and appliances (including toilets, faucet aerators, restaurant spray nozzles, landscape planting and irrigation components). Take advantage of our free programs and rebates.
  • Select tasks to be performed periodically, such as leak checks and irrigation schedule adjustments.
  • Distribute information to employees about saving water at work and at home.

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