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Recycle Right County-Wide
Ad Campaign

What is "Recycling Right"?

It's more important than ever to put only the right stuff into your recycling cart here where you live or work.  And it's equally important to keep out the things that can't be recycled like plastic cups, plastic berry baskets, and clamshells (whether that hinged container is made with clear plastic or polystyrene "styrofoam").  When the recycling is full of trash, the recyclables can’t be processed into new products . . . what a waste!  And, as regional and global markets demand better recycling, our recycling exports must be worthy of the marketplace to be turned into new products made from old discards.  See the article Global Shifts Affect Recycling Markets featuring lessons learned by local cities.  Video Break It DownThe cities in Santa Clara County have banded together to share in the development and cost of a county-wide campaign to encourage everyone to pay more attention to the recycling and "recycle right."  With a few exceptions, our local cities accept the same types of materials.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is we need to clean up our recycling to make sure there is no trash in it and that materials are sorted into the right compartments.  Keep mixed paper separate from household containers.  Keep yard trimmings, food scraps and (only) food-soiled paper like pizzeria boxes in the compost cart. 

Don't waste clean cardboard!  Put small pieces of clean cardboard in with mixed paper.  Bundle and tie large pieces of flattened cardboard that won't fit in the recycling cart next to it.  Never put clean cardboard in the compost cart--it's valuable!  Check the Resource Annual Recycling Guide to learn what goes where, or where to drop off extra cardboard and recyclables.

Whatever Moves You, Recycle Right

The people represented in our campaign are all Santa Clara County residents, and they've shared their joy of recycling in ways to help inspire you to "Recycle Right."   The yoga video features a Mountain View yoga instructor.  In Santa Clara County, all kinds of people come together to create a dynamic community.  We may express our interests and talents differently, but we all have a common need - a healthy environment.

Start a new groove - get into the habit of checking what's accepted in each cart before you throw something away. ​It feels good to know you're getting the right stuff in the recycling container.  Learn what goes where in Mountain View or check the Resource Annual Recycling Guide.  More recycling and cardboard that you can handle?  Order a large or additional recycling cart or find a drop off for extras by contacting Recology at (650) 967-3034 or ContactUsRMV@recology.com.



Resource mastheadStarting in January 2016, the Resource has a new format and delivery schedule.  The Resource will be mailed separately from other City publications, twice a year, and will be in a letter-sized format. 

The first edition in January will be the Annual Guide to the City's Recycling & Zero Waste program and contain the annual recycling calendar.  Translations in Chinese, Russian and Spanish languages will be posted on this website under Publications for this edition.

The second edition in Summer 2016 will focus on environmental news of interest to residents.  Please watch for periodic flyers in your utility bills, particularly before the Winter holiday season. 

The Resource newsletter is your source for information about how to recycle, reduce waste, reuse, compost, and properly dispose of household hazardous wastes and e-wastes.

FREE Mattress recycling

Any Mountain View resident (in homes or apartments) may recycle their old mattress and box springs at the SMaRT Station at no charge.  Bring a driver's license or identification card when you visit the SMaRT Station.  (Businesses may dispose of mattresses at the SMaRT Station for a fee per item.)

Goodwill Silicon Valley also accepts mattresses and box springs at no charge. Visit www.GoodwillSV.org for details. 

Residents eligible for the free On Call Plus Clean Up Program may arrange for curbside collection of mattresses, box springs and other bulky goods by contacting Recology (650) 967-3034 to schedule an appointment. (Apartments consisting of 9 or more units are not eligible, but the property manager may arrange for on-site collection for a fee.)


For all environmental events, click here.


To place a service request for missed pick ups, containers, clean up appointments, vouchers, and other Recology garbage and recycling services, use this form to contact Recology Mountain View. 

New recyclables added - Cartons

Beverage and soup cartons are now accepted for recycling in Mountain View in residential programs (not businesses).  Place cartons in your recycling cart with other containers.   

What is a Carton?  Cartons are a type of packaging for food or beverage products.  They are easy to recognize and are available in two types--shelf-stable and refrigerated.  Shelf stable cartons are used for juice, milk, soy and grain milk, soup, broth, and wine.  Products in refrigerated cartons include milk, juice, cream, egg substitutes, soy and grain milk.  

Refuel Your Fun!  Small Refillable Propane Cylinders

Did you know that propane cylinders are household hazardous waste, and prohibited in trash or recycling because of the potential for fire and explosion?  Don't waste money and time on a hard-to-dispose of propane cylinder.  Next time, buy a refillable cylinder and take it to one of the stores below to refill.  If you need to dispose, visit www.hhw.org for a free appointment. 

U-Haul Mountain View
(sells refillables and refills on site)
62 W. El Camino Real, Mountain View
(650) 965-3151

REI Mountain View
(sells refillables, but does not refill on site)
2450 Charleston Rd., Mountain View
(650) 969-1938

George’s Fuel & Auto Repair 
996 East Evelyn Ave., Sunnyvale
(408) 733-2221

Hassett Hardware Palo Alto
875 Alma Street, Palo Alto
(650) 327-7222

List updated 2/13/2017.

For more information or locations in other cities, visit:  www.refuelyourfun.org.


Never forget your recycling week again!  Now you can download collection days in your calendar application or sign up for collection reminders!

There are two ways to find out when containers are collected for residents and businesses:   

  • For residents, apartments or businesses, click on Recology's Collection Schedules & Reminders widget to enter your exact address (e.g. 500 California St.) and find your service day, holidays, add collection days to Google Calendar, iCal, Microsoft Outlook or another calendar application, or sign up for collection reminders (in English or Spanish);
  • For residents with individual cart service only, click on the links to street names on the left of the screen and print out the Map and Calendar to keep track through the year of residential individual cart service.  Also visit our Holiday Collection & Trees page for residential services.

Missed Collection or Questions? Call Recology at (650) 967-3034 (Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)  

Recycling Services

Under a 2014 agreement with the City, Recology continues to provide collection services to residents, businesses and schools through October 2021. New and improved collection and clean-up services are listed under Garbage & Recycling Services.

The City's other agreements for recycling processing (SMaRT Station) and landfill disposal (Waste Management) remains in effect until 2021.  

Mountain View Recycling Center

The Mountain View Recycling Center also offers new drop-off and by appointment services.

The center also offers "Cash for Cans & Bottles" because it is a California Certified Buy-Back Center.  The revenue earned helps to keep utility rates low.  No other drop-off center in Mountain View does that.