New Residents and Visitors

Getting Started

Mountain View offers a variety of trash and recycling services to best fit the needs of the community. Recology provides residential customers with individual curbside carts or group dumpsters and recycling carts depending on housing type and unit size.  See Container and Service Options below. 

To start or update trash service, contact Recology at (650) 967-3034. For account billing, call City Utility Billing at (650) 903-6317. See Service Contact & Hours below.

For visitors and new residents, please follow the directions on the container labels to ensure you are recycling right and not contaminating containers that may result in non-collection and extra costs.  See What's Recyclable for more information, or contact Recology at (650) 967-3034.

Collection Days

Trash and compost is picked up on a weekly basis, but recycling is collected bi-weekly.  Please check the Collection Schedule for your neighborhood.  

Collection occurs on weekdays, except for holidays.  Collection occurs on all major holidays, but skips one day for the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.  For example, during Thanksgiving week, Thursday collection moves to Friday, and Friday collection moves to Saturday. See Holiday Collection for more information. 

If your containers were not collected, visit the Non-Collections page for information about the most common problems and then contact Recology.

Moving & Relocation

Whether you are moving in or moving out, Recology offers a variety of free and fee-based services to handle extra recycling, extra cardboard, or clean up for you.  If you need to take items to the dump, a Voucher to the SMaRT Station may be available.  See Clean Up Programs.  Please note that these moving services are intended to be used no more than annually.  

When leaving a residence, please notify Recology at (650) 967-3034 and City Utility Billing at (650) 903-6317.  If you are relocating to another address within City limits, please follow the above instructions for initiating service at your new location.

Disability Assistance

Recology provides backyard collection services to assist disabled or elderly residents at no additional charge. Contact Recology at (650) 967-3034 for more information.

Low Income

The City and Recology are unable to provide low-income rates at this time, but they do offer a payment option plan.  If you are having difficulty paying the utility bill, please contact Finance and Administrative Services Department for payment options.   

Service Contact Information and Hours

650 Martin Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95050
(650) 967-3034
Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

City Utility Billing
500 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA 94041 
Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Holidays: Offices observe all legal holidays
Mailing Address for Utilities Payment
PO Box 7540
Mountain View, CA  94039

Container and Service Options

Recology provides different container and service options depending on customer need. To order containers and carts, contact Recology at (650) 967-3034. All containers are delivered within 7 business days from your request to Recology.

Residential (1-4 Units)

Residential properties of 1-4 units use individual cart service, consisting of carts for trash, recycling and yard trimmings.  Carts are collected by drivers operating fully-automated side-loading trucks. The recycling cart has an internal divider to separate household containers from newspapers, mixed paper and small flattened cardboard.  The recycling truck also has an internal divider to maintain this separation of materials.  Trash and compost is collected weekly and recycling is collected every other week on the same day as trash. Set out carts in the gutter or, if cars are parked on the street, place the carts on the curb. Keep carts 18 inches apart, away from parked cars, overhanging tree limbs, and basketball hoops.


Individual Service Cart Sizes            

  • Split-cart recycling: 64 or 96 gallon sizes
  • Compost cart: 64 or 96 gallon sizes (24 gallon is available for rowhouses and townhomes)
  • Trash cart: 20, 32, 64 or 96 gallon sizes
    20-gallon is for 1-2 adults
    32-gallon is for 2 person households
    64- and 96-gallon is for 3-4 or more person households
  • Cart sizes, visit for more information.



Multi-Family (5-8 Units)

Multi-Family unit customers can choose between the Residential (individual service) or Apartment (group service) containers that best suit service needs. 

  • Split-cart recycling: 64- or 96-gallon sizes
  • Compost cart: 64- or 96-gallon sizes (24-gallon for rowhouses and townhouses)
  • Trash cart: 20, 32, 64 or 96 gallon sizes
  • Recycling carts:  96-gallon cart for paper and 96-gallon cart for household containers
  • Trash Dumpsters:  One to Six Cubic Yards

Apartments (9+ Units)

Apartments are on group service with common trash dumpsters and group recycling carts.  Recycling is collected manually once a week and trash is collected by drivers operating fully-automated front loading trucks. Trash service is available six days a week.

  • Recycling carts: 
    96-gallon cart for paper 
    96-gallon cart for household containers
  • Trash Dumpsters: One to Six Cubic Yards
  • To add a composting program, email to check the status of the interest list for implementation at your complex. City staff are currently working to add new complexes to the program to bring the program Citywide in preparation for SB 1383 in 2022.