Clean Up Programs & Dump Vouchers


The City provides a variety of clean up services for residents through our exclusive franchised hauler, Recology.  Many of these services are provided at no extra charge.


On Call Plus

On Call Plus is a free curbside collection cleanup service for residents, scheduled by appointment, to set out extra trash, recycling, or compost PLUS up to three bulky goods, such as appliances or furniture.

Eligible properties include houses (1-8 units), condominiums, townhouses and mobile homes. This program is not available to apartments (9+ units), but managers may arrange a complex-wide Special Collection service (fees apply). This program is for residents and tenants living in the home to discard items--it is not for a landlord's use in remodeling the unit or cleaning out after a tenant has moved.

Residents may schedule up to two (2) cleanups per calendar year. Each one allows for the collection of bagged or boxed household items from the curbside (planter strip or gutter) in an area no larger than 4 foot high by 4 foot wide by 8 foot long, PLUS up to three bulky goods, such as appliances and furniture. Appointments are non-transferable, expire in mid-December, but may be exchanged for a Voucher to self-haul items to the SMaRT Station for recycling or disposal.  

Scheduling Appointments.  Appointments must be scheduled BEFORE any items are set out for collection. The appointment system provides convenience for residents, increases recycling diversion, and reduces vehicle emissions. Items must be set out no later than 7 a.m. on scheduled collection day. Appointments are scheduled on the regular collection day so that materials are collected by trucks already servicing the route. A separate bulky goods truck collects furniture and appliances. Group items for collection by recycling, compost, trash and bulky goods. By picking up items by appointment with the right truck for the job, more materials can be recycled and diverted away from the landfill. In order to achieve Zero Waste Goals, the program does not allow for neighborhood or complex-wide clean up appointments to be scheduled on a single day. The On Call Plus appointment system is more cost-effective and produces more recycling than discontinued city-wide clean up days. 

For more information about what is accepted and how to set out for On Call Plus, see the chart below or call Recology at (650) 967-3034. 

How to Set Out for On Call Plus Service

Before you set out items, make sure you have an appointment.  Call Recology (650) 967-3034 to schedule an On Call Plus curbside collection. Items may be collected by different trucks, and should be kept separated by type, e.g. trash, recycling, and yard trimmings. Bags, boxes and bundles may not weigh more than 50 pounds each or be longer than 4 foot in length to fit in the truck. Bulky good items are collected using a hand dolly and flatbed truck.

No Fee Items Pick-Up Preparation
Bulky Goods (refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, televisions, household furniture, washer, dryer, water heater, couch, chair, mattress, up to 4 passenger tires, lawnmower, BBQ) Place at curbside on top of the planter strip or in the street next to the curb (do not block the roadway).  Remove or securely tape doors closed of refrigerator or freezer to prevent curious children or animals from becoming trapped inside. Keep all items away from traffic
Garbage Bag, box or bundle (50 lb. weight limit per item)
Recyclables* Bag, box or bundle (50 lb. weight limit per item)
Cardboard boxes Flatten and tie or tape into bundles up to 3’ x 3’ in size
Carpet (no more than 6” in diameter) Tie into bundles no more than 4’ long
Consumer electronics (radios, CPUs, VCRs, printers, etc.) and small household goods Place items in bags or boxes
Light construction materials (doors, windows, plastic sheds, lumber, sinks, toilets, drywall, electrical, plumbing) Bag, box or bundle (50 lb. weight limit per item)**
Yard trimmings     Keep cactus or palm fronds separated from other yard trimmings
Tree branches (no more than 6” in diameter) Tie into bundles, no more than 4’ long. No stumps.
Items Not Accepted at Curbside How to Dispose
Concrete, soil, rock, and tree stumps Take to SMaRT Station or call Recology for a roll-off box
Household hazardous waste (such as paint, pesticides, pool chemicals, solvents, fertilizers), creosote timbers, vehicle parts or batteries, fluorescent tube lights Household Hazardous Waste Services
Construction materials and debris too large, heavy or dangerous for pick up service (boxes of tiles, concrete, rock, stumps, and windows) Call Solid Waste staff for possible donation locations at (650) 903-6311, take to SMaRT Station, or call Recology for a roll-off box

SMaRT Station Vouchers

On Call Appointments may be exchanged for a Voucher to self-haul items directly to the SMaRT Station. Each voucher is good for one vehicle entrance at no charge. The vouchers are good for the same items as an On Call Plus curbside appointment above, including bulky goods and e-waste. For more detailed information about what's accepted, see On Call Plus, read the Voucher Sample, or call Recology at (650) 967-3034.

To request vouchers, call Recology at least one week in advance, or ask to pick it up at the Mountain View Recycling Center, 935 Terra Bella Avenue, Mountain View.

To use the voucher, take it with proof of residency (drivers license or utility bill) to the SMaRT Station. Be sure to cover or tarp your pickup truckload to prevent littering on streets and highways (a $15 fee will be charged if the load is not covered).  You MUST stop at the scalehouse to weigh in and weigh OUT.

If using the voucher in April or October, Mountain View residents may bypass Sunnyvale's Extra Dump Days at the SMaRT Station (stay in the left lane on Carl Road). For a map, click on SMaRT Station under Related Links on the left side of this page.

All vouchers expire December 31st and are not transferable to other properties. However, there is a one-week grace period the first week in January for vouchers issued the year before.

Bin for a Day

Have a clean up project that is too small for a debris box, and too many small items to bag, box or bundle for an On Call Plus curbside service? Now, for a fee, you can rent a 4-yard bin and have it delivered to your property. You load it up with loose items and they pick it up within 7 days after delivery. The bin is for household clean up projects including light remodeling jobs. Cleaning up couldn't be easier--unless you want someone else to do it (see RecycleMyJunk below).

Because the bin is emptied into an opening on top of the truck, items must be less than 4 feet in any dimension to fit. No bulky goods, large or heavy construction and demolition debris, large amounts of dirt or concrete, large furniture or large appliances, household hazardous wastes (paints, pool chemicals, insecticides, motor oil), appliances with freon, fluorescent tubes/bulbs, or tires.

The cost is $244 for FY 2020-21. The dimensions of the 4-yard dumpster are approximately 5 foot deep by 5 foot high by 7 foot wide. The bin will be placed on the driveway, but may also be located on the street if an encroachment permit is obtained from the City and applicable fees paid. To schedule a Bin For A Day, call Recology at (650) 967-3034.

Recycle My Junk

Want someone else to do the labor? For a fee, Recology can do the heavy lifting and moving for you! This service, called RecycleMyJunk, started in 2014. Comparable to other private "junk" programs, there are two key differences why you should choose this one. You can be sure that your materials are being recycled to the maximum extent possible, and the franchise fees paid by Recology are returned to the City's utility fund to help keep your trash rates low. Recology will provide you with an estimated cost for your customized clean up job.

Extra Services

Extra services are available for customers on individual cart service (1-8 units), and for residents in apartments on group service (9 or more units).

Residents on individual service with a "split-cart" for recycling may set out up to two additional containers. Containers may be durable paper bags or boxes and are limited to 32-gallons weighing less than 50 pounds each. Keep the recycling separated--place cans and bottles in one paper bag or small box next to cart, and put mixed paper in another bag or box. No plastic bags please.

Residents on individual service with a compost cart (formerly yard trimmings cart) may set out up to 2 kraft bags or plastic cans of extra yard trimmings.  (If you are participating in the Food Scraps Program, please be sure all food scraps are contained in the cart with the lid closed).  Extra containers are limited to 32-gallons and weighing less than 50 pounds each.

If you regularly have extra recycling or compost, please contact Recology to order a larger or second cart.

Residents on group service in large apartment complexes (over 9 units) may order extra services through your apartment manager.


* Effective July 2013, items in cart plus up to 2 containers in a paper bag or small box (no recycling in plastic bags).

**This service is intended for materials generated by residents performing light construction work. Different trucks are used to pick up different-sized materials (garbage truck, rear loader, flatbed truck). Call Recology first to ensure it can be collected or you can self-haul with a free Voucher (in lieu of curbside appointment) to the SMaRT Station. If you need or prefer a debris box (fee), please call Recology as they are the City's exclusive hauler for debris and recycling services.