City-Wide Garage Sale

citywide garage sale - back in 2020

 Event Date:  May 2-3, 2020 (8 a.m. - 2 p.m.)
 Registration Period:  March 1 - April 17, 2020
 Registration Form:   Opens March 2020. Until then, you can hold your own sale! 
 Flyer  Coming in February 2020
Maps & Lists Garage Sale:   Coming May 1, 2020
 Translation Service:  Available in Spanish (click here)


The Citywide Garage Sale was not held in in 2019 due to pressing work of developing new solid waste programs and services for our community.  The staff are currently developing a Zero Waste Plan and new service agreements for collection (hauling), recycling processing, and disposal (landfill) vendors.  The current agreements expire in 2021.  Residents are encouraged to hold their own neighborhood garage sale anytime throughout the year.

The Citywide Garage Sale is usually held at homes throughout Mountain View on Saturday with many homes open on Sunday too.  Join hundreds of residents holding garage sales at their homes, rain or shine.  The event is advertised in local and nearby newspapers, websites, and a banner over El Camino Real.  Shoppers can find garage sale addresses and items for sale on the City's website and on printed maps published the day before the sale.  There is no charge to register.  

The Community Yard Sale at Rengstorff Park is no longer being held.  For more information, contact Recreation at (650) 903-6331.


  • Registration for the 2020 event will open in March 2020. You can hold your own sale any time throughout the year.
  • Online registration is preferred because it supports the online mapping function.
  • If you do not have access to the internet, you may use the paper registration form.
  • Need Help?  Contact Public Works at 650-903-6311 or
  • Translations available   

    • Por favor comuníquese con la División de Recreación al (650) 903-6331 para más información en español.
    • Всю информацию на русском языке можно получить по телефону (650) 903-6145 (Multilingual Community Outreach).  
    • 更多中文资讯请联络多语种社区外展项目(Multilingual Community Outreach Program(650) 903-6145