Extra Services & Tags

Recycling & Yard trimmings

Free extra recycling and yard trimmings collection is available year-round. Please note that compost (yard trimmings) carts are collected every week. 



  • If you occasionally have extra recycling, set out up to 2 extra containers of recycling next to the cart--cans and bottles in one paper bag or box, and paper materials in another.  The truck is also divided into two compartments for paper and containers. 
  • When setting out the split-cart, be sure the wheels are against the curb and the serial number faces the street.  This will ensure that the split-cart lines up with the split-truck for collection.  Each truck compartment is unloaded separately at the SMaRT Station to keep paper separated from container materials.
  • If you regularly have extra recycling, order a free larger or second cart from Recology at 650-967-3034. 

Large Cardboard

  • For large pieces of cardboard that cannot be reused, fold or cut them into 3’x3’ size, tie or tape bundles, and place next to the recycling split-cart. 
  • If you have just moved in, you can also use an On Call Plus pickup for extra recycling, yard trimmings or trash.  Don’t forget to offer those useful move-in boxes to your neighbors via NextDoor.com, Freecycle.org or other web applications.
  • Take large amounts of cardboard to the Mountain View Recycling Center, 935 Terra Bella Avenue, Monday-Saturday or visit www.mountainview.gov/MVRC

Yard Trimmings 

  • For extra yard trimmings service, set out up to 2 extra containers using large paper lawn and leaf bags or plastic cans (no metal cans or plastic bags).  Remember, collection of yard trimmings carts (now called compost carts) is weekly.  The special Fall Leaf collection is no longer necessary.
  • If your home is subscribed to individual cart service, you may participate in the Food Scraps program, but please put food scraps only in the compost cart (formerly called yard trimmings).  You may set out extra yard trimmings as described in the first bullet above.
  • If you regularly have extra trimmings, order a free larger or second cart from Recology at 650-967-3034. 
  • Holiday tree collection starts December 26 and ends the third Friday in January.

trash & Extra trash Stickers


Call Recology Mountain View 650-967-3034 to schedule a free On Call Plus Clean Up appointment or an extra collection (fee).

If you regularly have extra trash, you can order a larger trash cart (rates apply).

If you occasionally have extra trash, you can purchase an extra garbage sticker from most local Safeway stores as well as from the City Finance & Administrative Services Department or the Mountain View Recycling Center at 935 Terra Bella Avenue.  Extra garbage stickers are sold for $6 for each 32-gallon bag. 

Stores wanting to sell stickers should contact City of Mountain View, Recycling & Zero Waste staff at 650-903-6311 or Recycle@MountainView.gov. 

Cart Repair & Cleaning

Contact Recology at 650-967-3034 or by email to repair a cart or bin.

Can I rinse out my carts during a water shortage?   

Yes, using water for health and sanitary reasons is allowed to clean your trash, recycling, or compost carts.  The best practice is to lightly rinse the cart on the private sidewalk leading up to your front door and next to your landscaping.  That will make it easier to sweep up any bits of paper or other residue after the sidewalk dries; and water will run off into your landscaping (instead of into the gutter or street which flows into storm drains and the San Francisco Bay).  For other water regulations information, please visit this link.  Contact Recology at 650-967-3034 to ask if cart cleaning services might also be available (fee may apply).  

Business or apartments using dumpsters must contact Recology for steam-cleaning.  The Regional Water Quality Control Board does not allow cleaning of dumpsters outdoors.