Apartments (9 or more Units)

trash Bins & Group Recycling Carts

Trash and recycling is collected from apartments and other high-density complexes using shared trash bins (large metal dumpsters) and group recycling carts (mixed paper cart and containers cart).  Recycling service is provided at no additional charge. The utility rate for trash service is based on the number of trash containers and frequency of service. 

Keeping items separated ensures best market quality and price for recyclables. See What's Recyclable.

For information on composting at multi-family complexes, visit Food Scraps.

State Mandatory Recycling Law

While Mountain View has a very high recycling participation rate, additional work is needed to maintain the minimum State-mandated diversion goal of 75% by 2020. In the past, statewide diversion efforts have largely focused on residential recycling, but almost 75% of California's solid waste generation is from commercial sources. Multi-family residential complexes, including apartments and condominiums, are considered part of the commercial sector.

Effective July 1, 2012, businesses, schools, and multi-family residential complexes are required to recycle under the State's Mandatory Recycling Law (AB 341). The law affects businesses, schools, and multi-family residential complexes with 5 or more units such as apartments and condominiums. 

Mandatory Service is required for 

  • Commercial business that generates 4 cubic yards or more of solid waste per week
  • Multi-family complex with 5 or more units like apartments or condominiums

To find out if your complex meets the requirements of the law, or to subscribe to the free recycling service, contact Recology Mountain View at (650) 967-3034.

trash Dumpsters

1) Place household trash in plastic bags and tie bags shut before putting in dumpster:

Do NOT put furniture, appliances, mattresses, pallets, toilets, sinks, water heaters, carpets or large construction materials in the trash dumpsters as these dumpsters are for only bagged household trash. 

2) Furniture and bulky goods: 

Do NOT put items out at the curb, corners or in the street.  Please arrange for special collection (fee) through Recology.  There is a fee for this service because it is not included in your trash rate (tract homes subscribed to curbside carts pay a higher trash rate to cover bulky good service). 

Contact your property manager for how to recycle or dispose of these items through Recology.  Click on Free Mattress and Box Spring Recycling for All Residents in Apartments or Homes (Drop-Off at SMaRT Station only).

3) Motor Oil, Filters, Batteries, E-Waste, Household Hazardous Waste

Do NOT put motor oil, filters or vehicle batteries in the containers or in the trash enclosure.  Contact your property manager for disposal options.  For e-waste and household hazardous waste, make an appointment to drop off items offered by County of Santa Clara at (408) 299-7300 or  Also visit

4) Household Batteries

For household batteries, ask your property manager to contact Recology to arrange household battery collection.

Note that Recology is the City's exclusive provider of recycling and disposal services.  Contact Recology at (650) 967-3034 or

Recycling Group Carts

For every trash dumpster, a group of recycling carts is provided. Each group consists of two recycling carts:
  • Mixed Paper Cart: Junk mail, telephone books, writing paper, catalogs, magazines, newspapers and inserts, dry food boxes (no frozen/refrigerated boxes), and small pieces of flattened cardboard that fits easily in the cart.
  • Containers Cart: Glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, jugs, tubs with lids, and metal cans (tin, steel and aluminum). Also beverage and soup cartons such as milk, juice, soy and grain milk, soup and broth, wine, cream, and egg substitutes (lids ok). No other plastic!
  • Large Cardboard: Flatten cardboard, and cut or fold large cardboard into pieces about 3'x3' and lean against the mixed paper cart.  If you have more than one or two cardboard boxes, they must be flattened and bundled (tied or taped) together for easier handling.

Collection of used motor oil and filters is not provided for apartments subscribed to trash dumpsters and group recycling carts.

Apartment managers may arrange for collection of household batteries only by contacting Recology.

How to Start Recycling

Setting up a recycling program needs to be coordinated by the apartment manager or homeowner's association. If you live in a complex not currently recycling, tell your manager there is no charge for recycling collection in Mountain View and to contact Recology Mountain View at (650) 967-3034 for services. Recology will provide your complex with the appropriate containers and a list of what is recyclable. Complexes with shared trash services and consisting of 5 or more dwelling units are subject to the State's mandatory recycling law.