Recycling & Disposal Facilities


A Day in the Life of Mountain View Trash & Recyclables at the SMaRT Station facility.

Mountain View Recycling Center

Buy-Back & Drop off Recycling

Mountain View Recycling Center provides buy-back and drop off recycling services for Mountain View residents and businesses and is open to the public for buy-back services. Residents may purchase extra garbage stickers for excess trash and get On Call Plus Clean Up Vouchers to the SMaRT Station (if eligible).  No disposal services are offered at this center.  See SMaRT Station below for disposal services.

SMaRT Station

  • Buy-Back & Drop Off Recycling
  • Recycling & Yard Trimmings Processing to End Markets
  • Transfer to Disposal

SMaRT Station in Sunnyvale is a municipal transfer and processing facility, which is a joint venture by the Cities of Mountain View and Sunnyvale. 

The Station handles trash, recycling and yard trimmings from collection operations and the public.

  • Recyclables from collection split-trucks are further sorted into specific categories by manual and mechanical means.  These recyclables are sold to end markets for feedstock to develop new products. 
  • Yard Trimmings from collection trucks are processed and chipped into smaller pieces and then shipped to commercial composting facilities.  The composting facility makes and sells compost to large landscape growers.  Yard trimmings are composted--not landfilled or used as alternative daily cover for a landfill.
  • Trash from collection trucks are sorted to recover recyclables that were inadvertently placed in the trash, or tests low-value materials for emerging recycling markets.  The remaining trash is shipped to the Kirby Canyon Landfill, which is a private landfill operated by Waste Management.
  • Construction & Demolition boxes are also processed to remove recyclable materials, including wood, concrete, metal and more.  Any residues are landfilled.
  • Buy-Back & Drop Off Center is available where citizens may redeem beverage bottles and cans for cash or drop off extra recycling.  Mountain View also has an extensive municipal Buy-Back & Drop Off Center, located at 935 Terra Bella Avenue, but it does not accept disposal.  Visit for hours and more information.
  • Closed Landfills.  The SMaRT Station is built on a closed landfill in Sunnyvale.  Similarly, Shoreline Park and Amphitheater in Mountain View is built on closed landfills.  Trash is landfilled at Kirby Canyon Landfill in San Jose.