Landfill Maintenance


The landfill at Shoreline in Mountain View began as a place to dispose of refuse and today serves as a recreation area and wildlife habitat. Learn more about Shoreline’s history at Refuse to Resource.

While the landfill no longer receives waste, the city is still required to monitor and maintain it.  The decomposing refuse produces landfill gas, comprised of methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, and other trace elements. Using a network of underground pipes, the City collects the landfill gas, which is then used as a fuel source for generators or destroyed through incineration to minimize the release of emissions. The City also collects liquid (leachate) from within the closed landfill through a network of pipes and pumps, and disposes the leachate into the sanitary sewer. Both the gas and liquid collection systems require ongoing maintenance due to movement of the underground refuse.

To further reduce landfill gas emissions, the City maintains the landfill surface, also known as the landfill cap, by repairing cracks and holes that result from decompressing and shifting refuse.

To learn about Mountain View’s current waste disposal services, visit Recycling & Zero Waste.