Policies and Practices

The Mountain View Police Department provides its Policy Manual, Unit Procedure Manuals and  training materials to the community in compliance with the California Public Records Act. Please visit the link below to view any individual document. 

Please note that we have redacted (that is, removed) certain policies from this publicly available version of the Mountain View Police Department Policy Manual. The policies not disclosed relate to sensitive security issues, police tactics, and/or officer safety, and are withheld from disclosure in accordance with California Government Code §§6254(f), 6254(aa), 6254 (ab), 6254.19, and/or 6255(a).

Click the link here to view these materials at your convenience. 

Please note, this link is a work in progress, and certain additional documents and translations of documents for other primary languages spoken in Mountain View will be added as they are made available. For example, we have kept translated policies and open letters here so that they can be made available. Once we are able to update them, they will be included in the link above.