Permits & Licenses


Adult Entertainment Permits
Cost Application $861, Renewal $412.
Contact 650-903-6344
Alarm Permits
Reason To provide MVPD with up-to-date information needed to safely and effectively respond to alarm calls.
When Required All residential and commercial building alarms must have permits.
Cost Annual: $20 residential, $80 commercial
Form Alarm Permit Application
Process Deliver/mail application plus payment to police department.
Additional Info See Alarms
Contact 650-903-6418
Bike Permits
When Required Effective October 9, 2014, the City of Mountain View is no longer required to license bicycles. Chapter 7 of the City Code pertaining to bicycle license was repealed by City Council on June 24, 2014. If you are interested in registering your bike, please consider the following alternatives: or
Block Party Permits
Reason To alert MVPD, so we can prepare for / monitor events and respond effectively to any problems.
When Required For any event that involves blocking off a residential street or streets. These permits are only given to non-profit groups or for residential neighborhood street closures.
Cost Free
Form Block Party Application
Process Application MUST be submitted via fax or in person to the PD at least 30 days prior to your event!
Additional Info Event organizers are responsible for signs and equipment (i.e. cones, barricades) needed to close down streets. These can be purchased at hardware stores. The city will not provide signs or other equipment.
FAQ Can a police officer come by our block party to talk to kids and show a police car? MVPD will ask the supervisor to send a patrol officer. However, because of manpower and calls for service, there are no guarantees.
Contact 650-903-6418
Card Room Permits
Cost Dealer $297, Renewal $148, Permit $1,193.
Contact 650-903-6344
Concealed Weapons Permits
Contact 650-903-6344 and ask to speak to the sergeant who handles CCWs.
Form CCW Permit
Dance Permits
Reason To alert the police department, so we can monitor the event and respond effectively to any problems.
When Required For all events (not just dances) held in the following venues: IFES Hall (432 Stierlin Rd.) SFV Hall (365 Villa St.) Mountain View Community Center (Rengstorff Avenue & Central Expressway) Note: Shoreline Amphitheater goes through a special process. Contact the amphitheater for more info.
Cost $40 per event
Form Application for Dance Permit
Process The rental halls typically fill out and submit dance permit applications on behalf of their customers.
Additional Info Submit permit application in person to the PD at least 2-3 weeks before the event.
Contact 650-903-6418
Hot Tub Permits
When Required Commercial businesses with hot tubs.
Cost Permit $1,655, renewal $828, hot tub manager $583.
Contact 650-903-6344
Live Entertainment Permits
Cost New $464, renewal $153, live/dance renewal $153.

Sgt. Fernando Maldonado,

Download application here.

Massage Permits
Reason To prevent unsafe practices, prostitution and other crimes.
When Required Any individual or company in the city providing massages for a fee.
Cost $191 for annual establishment permits only. Individual massage permits are no longer issued.
Requirements Owner must register establishment with MVPD and update department with any additions or changes in employees. All massage employees doing massages MUST be CAMTC certified.

Application for Massage Permit

Establishment Employee List

Massage Establishment Requirements

Process Forms must be submitted via USPS Mail or dropped off at the PD. Those forms should include the establishment permit application and employee list, a business permit, a photo copy of CAMTC certificates and copies of government issued photo IDs of each massage therapist. The process usually takes two to four weeks. Pay fees. Renew annually.
Additional Info See City code Chapter 9, Article II for complete explanation of Municipal Code.
Contact 650-903-6418
Parade Permits
Reason To alert the police department, so we can prepare for/staff the event and respond effectively to any problems.
When Required For all parades on public roadways.
Cost $215 with additional fees for staffing costs dependent on size and duration of parade
Form Application for Parade Permit
Process Phone to discuss date and location. Fill out form. Submit application with payment at police department.
Additional Info Submit permit application at least 30 days before the event.
Contact Sgt. Cary Shueh, 650-903-6367
Safe Parking Permits
Reason To apply to host a Safe Parking Program in your parking area.
When Required Before you can begin to host vehicles overnight as part of a  Safe Parking Program.
Cost No cost.
Form Application and information about the Safe Parking Program (including checklist and workflow).
Contact Sgt. Wahed Magee, 650-903-6102