The City of Mountain View requires all alarm users to register their alarm systems with the police department. Without information about you, your property and responsible parties, we are unable to fully and properly respond to alarm calls.

You can register your alarm by mailing a completed Alarm Permit Application, plus payment (check or money order form) to:

City of Mountain View c/o F.A.A.P.
P.O. Box 742282
Los Angeles, CA 90074-2282
Drop off your application and fees at MVPD's front counter between 7AM to 7PM, 7 days a week. We are located at:

Mountain View Police Department
1000 Villa Street
Mountain View, CA 94041

Alarm Contact Information

The Alarm Permit Application requires contact information for three designees who can come to the site at any hour, day or night. If you have fewer than three designees, you will still be granted a permit, but having backups ensures the best possible protection of your property.

Changes to Your Permit

Any changes to permit information must be reported to the police department within 10 days so that we have the most up-to-date information regarding your alarm.

Current Alarm Fees & Fines
Residential Alarm Permit (Annual) $20.00
Commercial Alarm Permit (Annual) $80.00
First False Alarm No charge
Second False Alarm $100.00
Third False Alarm $150.00
Fourth False Alarm $250.00
Fifth & Subsequent False Alarms $500.00 each

False Alarms

Permit holders will be charged a fee for each false alarm until there are no false alarms for a rolling 12 month cycle. The fee increases or decreases according to the schedule shown below depending on how many false alarms you generated in the 12 months prior to the most recent false alarm. You must be alarm-free for 12 months in order for the fee schedule to reset.

To check on your account, pay bills, and make updates, please visit here.