Over the last several years, there has been a recurring conversation, including questions and concerns, that has surfaced about how policing in America should be. In Mountain View, we believe in honoring and recognizing our diversity and we believe in making every effort to not only acknowledge challenges in our community, but working together to build one another up and move ever forward, together.

Over the years, we've heard those concerns, and we wanted to take a moment to provide additional information on the questions we receive regarding how your Mountain View Police Department operates, from training, including topics such as implicit bias, crisis intervention and de-escalation, and use of force, to budget, who we hire, and more.

Transparency and trust in our community with regards to how we protect and serve you is top of mind for us – we understand that the more we are able to open our doors to you on all levels, the more we can connect, communicate, and work together. The information provided here is a compilation of information you may find in other areas of our website, including our annual report, our policies and practices page, and more.