Renewable Energy

Energy generated from clean, renewable sources, such as solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass, produces no greenhouse gas emissions and is considered "carbon-free." In 2015, before Silicon Valley Clean Energy, 19.8% of Mountain View's emissions came from electricity use. In 2017, after Silicon Valley Clean Energy began providing carbon-free energy, only 10.2% of Mountain View's emissions came from electricity use. Transitioning our homes and businesses to renewable energy has had a big impact! To learn more, read the Final 2017 and Preliminary 2018 Community Greenhouse Gas Inventories.

Silicon Valley Clean Energy 

Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) is the official electricity provider for residents and businesses in Mountain View. SVCE delivers 100% carbon-free electricity at lower rates than PG&Ehelping the City reach its carbon reduction goals. Mountain View is proud to be a founding member of SVCE, which brings choice and competition to the electricity marketplace.



SVCE is known as a Community Choice Aggregator (CCA). In 2002, under Assembly Bill 117, the state legislature enabled local governments to create CCAs to offer greater choice in electricity options, increase the amount of electricity from renewable sources to help communities meet their climate action goals, provide local control and reduce the cost of electricity. The law also enabled residents and businesses in participating communities to be automatically enrolled in the program, with the option of opting out at any time. 

The new program was rolled out to Mountain View customers in two phases: April and July 2017. PG&E continues to deliver the electricity over existing infrastructure, maintain the power lines, send bills and provide customer service. Your energy bill should look identical except for one line that lists SVCE's service.

Mountain View residents and businesses have three options:

  • Option I: Do nothing and be automatically enrolled in "GreenStart" which provides 50% renewable energy (compared with 30% under PG&E) at a lower rate than PG&E. "GreenStart" provides 100% carbon-free energy.
  • Option II: Choose "GreenPrime," SVCE's 100% renewable option, for a small added cost. "GreenPrime" provides 100% carbon-free energy.
  • Option III: Opt out and remain with PG&E's electricity service.

For a sample rate comparison of these three options, see SVCE's Residential Rates page.

For more information about this program:

  • Visit: or view their Guidebook (available in English, Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese)
  • Email:
  • Call: Customer Service at (844) 474-7823

Or take a look at SVCE's Frequently Asked Questions.

You can also help reduce energy-related emissions by conserving energy at your home or workplace, buying greener electricity (when available), and generating renewable energy at your home or business.

Resources for Residents

Resources for Businesses

Solar Permitting

To encourage the installation of solar systems, Mountain View
has streamlined permitting and reduced fees to support residential and non-residential building owners who want to install solar power on their properties. Owners of one-to-two family dwellings can even get a permit over-the-counter using the City's One Stop plan check process.

Curious whether your home is good for solar? Use Google's new tool, Project Sunroof, for a quick analysis of your home's solar potential and savings.

Solar at City Facilities

The City generates almost 700 kW of solar power - enough to
power about 65 average homes in the United States - from
solar systems located at four City facilities: the California/Bryant Street parking garage, the Shoreline Golf Pro Shop, the Shoreline Maintenance Facility, and the Municipal Operations Center (MOC). These installations eliminate about 630 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year by producing carbon-free electricity.

The systems at the two Shoreline sites and at the MOC were purchased through the Regional Renewable Energy Procurement (R-REP) program. R-REP was a collaborative procurement effort by 19 Bay Area public agencies, which enabled Mountain View to get better pricing and taxpayer savings.


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