What is the Business License Tax?

There are currently more than 5,500 active business licenses in Mountain View, self-reporting more than 64,000 employees. A Business License is required for any business operating in the City of Mountain View.

What is the current business license rate?

Currently, most businesses pay a flat fee of $30 for a business license in Mountain View, which generates only about $250,000 annually. This does not include nonprofit organizations, including medical facilities, as those businesses are considered exempt under State law.  Our current business license tax was established in 1954 and has not changed except for a minor update in 1985 for a listing of the types of businesses required to pay the tax. If the tax had increased with inflation over time, it would currently be $275 per eligible business.

What is the city sending to the voters?

The City is proposing a scaled increase in the business license tax with larger companies paying higher rates based on number of workers and small businesses paying a flat $75 for one employee, and then $5 for employees 2-25, and $10 per employee for 26-50. The City's goal is to generate approximately $6 million in revenue to fund Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) that would offset the impact on our community by the large number of employees commuting to our City daily.

Download the June 26 Business License Tax Model being Brought Forward to the Voters in November 2018