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Council Manager Form of Government

Mountain View operates under the "Council-Manager" form of government. This means the City Council is the policy-making branch of City government, and the City Manager provides the executive function of City government. The "Council-Manager" form of government supports democratic participation with representation through City Council, and efficient City services under the direction of a full-time professional manager. In Mountain View, the City Council hires the City Manager, City Attorney, and the City Clerk. The City Manager is then responsible for all other staff and the daily operations of the City.

The City Manager and his City Manager’s Office staff are members of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), a worldwide organization whose mission is to create excellence in local governance. Professional managers help build communities in partnership with elected officials, community and business leaders. ICMA has a rigorous Code of Ethics.

To learn more, view the ICMA “Life, Well Run” video.


City Management Division

The City Management Division supports the City Council by identifying, analyzing, and reporting on a range of policy issues. The Division supports the City Council in the preparation of City Council meeting and study session agendas and reports; administers the City's cable television franchise and contract with local cable channel KMVT; serves as a liaison for intergovernmental relations including issues relating to NASA Ames Research Center and Moffett Federal Airfield; coordinates the delivery of youth services in the community; disseminates information about City services and issues through a public information program, including City publications The View and Annual Report, the City website, social media and the Multilingual Community Outreach Program; addresses community health issues and provides staff support to the Human Relations Commission, City Council Procedures Committee, City Council Youth Services Committee and City Council Goals Committee.

Human Resources Division

meetingCity services are provided by employees, and the City of Mountain View seeks to hire and retain employees able to provide excellent services to a diverse and thriving community. To do this the Human Resources Division strives to provide a positive work environment which offers challenging work, fosters collaboration and ethical behavior, encourages training and development, supports employee wellness and work/life balance, and provides competitive pay and benefits. The City of Mountain View employees have established an Employee Code of Ethics. This Code serves to guide how they serve the community.

To learn more about a typical day working in Mountain View, watch the “Day in the Life” video.