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MVPL Seed Library

The Mountain View Public Library maintains an ever-changing collection of seeds for you to grow at home. The seeds are free and available to anyone. The seed library is built on seed donations from the community. You don’t need to donate seeds to take seeds home.

The Library is offering seeds to reserve and pick up during the Library building closure. 

How It Works

Step 1: View our current seed inventory.

Step 2: Contact us to reserve your choice of seeds.
Limit: 5 packets of seeds per household per week; 1 packet of any individual variety of seed per household, per week. You will be notified when your seeds are ready.

Step 3: When your seeds are ready, schedule an appointment to pick them up through our Grab & Go Holds Pick-Up Service.

What We Have

Seeds range from fruits and vegetables to ornamental flowers, herbs, and more. Our inventory is always changing. Some seeds come from commercial growers; others come from plants grown by neighborhood gardeners. All seeds have been donated and are caveat hortulanus.

There are roughly enough seeds for 3-5 plants in each packet. As not all seeds germinate, this equals about 9-15 seeds. If the seeds are small, there might be even more in the packet--sometimes a lot more. We include the growing instructions from the original grower, when available.


We regret that we are unable to accept seed donations during the Library building closure.