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Mobile Library Services / Bookmobile

The Mobile Library supports the Mountain View Library’s mission by reaching beyond the library’s walls to encourage reading and lifelong learning. The Mobile Library visits a select number of locations in the City of Mountain View, including preschools, sites serving seniors, corporate campuses, and other locations identified as a priority by the community.

The Mobile Library serves customers who live, work, and go to school in Mountain View who may have difficulty visiting the library or who are unaware of what the library has to offer.

The Mobile Library has three goals:

  • Deliver library services outside the library, reaching out to segments of the community who may have difficulty using the main library due to physical, socio-economic, geographic, or other barriers.
  • Participate in community events to gain visibility for the library within the community and promote library services.
  • Provide a green service, reducing overall emissions by reducing the number of other vehicles driving to the library.

Mobile Library Schedule & Stop Locations

There are four book return bins on Google's campus:

  • Googleplex in the lobby of Building 43
  • Crittenden Campus in CL-5 (opposite the elevators)
  • Shorebird Campus in the lobby of Building 1225
  • Quad Campus in the lobby of QD-6

Contact the Mobile Library

Telephone: (650) 526-7029