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Libby by OverDrive gives you access to the thousands of popular eBooks and eAudiobooks for kids, teens, and adults available through the Northern California Digital Library. Popular titles may also be instantly available on a first-come, first-served basis in the Lucky Day Collection.
Online learning courses through Universal Class are also available in Libby.
Note: The OverDrive app is slated to be discontinued by the end of 2022. OverDrive users are encouraged to switch to the Libby app.

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Hoopla Digital is a free digital service for movies, television shows, music, eAudiobooks, comics, and eBooks.

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SimplyE is a  library-developed, open source eReader and eBook discovery app that simplifies the library user's experience in searching, borrowing and reading library eBooks.

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The EBSCOhost eBooks collection covers classic literature, business, technology and other non-fiction subjects.

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