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 Link+ Serivice
Link+ is a free service which allows Mountain View Public Library patrons to borrow items that are not available at the Mountain View Public Library. LINK+ is a cooperative project among many academic and public libraries in California.

How to request an item on LINK+

  1. Search for the item by author, title, or subject on the Mountain View Public Library Catalog.
  2. If the Library does not own the items or there are no copies available, click the LINK+ link on the upper right of the search results page . Clicking the link will take you to the LINK+ catalog *In the Classic Catalog click the LINK+ button.
  3. When you locate the item you want to borrow and the status is available, click the Request this item link.
  4. It will take you to a page wherein you will need to select the institution with which you are affiliated. Click on the down arrow and choose Mountain View Public Library.
  5. If there's a copy available in the Mountain View Public Library's catalog, you will receive the message, "You cannot use Link+ to request items that are available at your institution. Ask the Reference or Information Desk staff for help in finding the item."

If the item is not owned by the Mountain View Public Library, or if there are no available copies at Mountain View Public Library, you will get to the next page wherein you will enter your name and Library card number, and then click on the Submit above information button.