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Requesting/Placing Holds

Holds may be placed via the Library Catalog or by calling (650) 903-6336, as long as your borrowing privileges are not restricted.

Customers with a limited card are unable to place holds on Link+ items. Holds are not available on the Friends of Library Collection, reference materials, games, current magazine issues, and board books.  A maximum of 15 current holds are allowed for each cardholder. There is no charge for placing holds. Items are held for 7 days, not including days that the Library is closed.

When a hold item is available for pickup, the customer is notified via e mail, phone, or mail.  This item must be picked up by the date specified, or the reserve will be cancelled and a $1.00 per item charge is assessed.  The Library card of the customer who placed the hold is required to check out the item. When using our self-checks both card number and PIN is required.

Customers can call the Library, (650) 903-6896 to cancel holds. To delay receiving the item, holds may be frozen and unfrozen by logging into My Library Record.

"There is a problem with your record"

If this message comes up, it is for one of these reasons:

  • You have books currently checked out that are overdue;
  • You have unpaid fines;
  • You may already have 15 items on hold.; or,
  • Your library card has expired (your library card automatically expires every five years and must be renewed)
If you are using AOL and/or still having problems please call the Reference Desk during open hours at (650) 903-6337.

Canceling Holds

If you no longer need material that you have placed on hold, you can cancel the request. When you login to your library record one of the menu choices is "Holds." Click on that link to display a list of your holds. Put a check mark in the box by the title that you want to cancel and then click on the “Confirm Changes” button.  It will ask “The following hold(s) will be cancelled or updated, would you like to proceed?”  then click the Yes button.

Freezing Holds

If you go on vacation, you can "freeze" your holds so that you don't lose your place in line. Click here for more information.

Rev 03/22/16