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Freeze Holds

Freeze Your holdsGoing on vacation?  Don’t want to lose your  place in the hold list?

You now have the option  to “freeze” your holds!

 Freezing a hold means you remain in the same number on the holds list until you unfreeze it. Follow these simple steps:

  • Log into your record.

  • Click on the holds link.There is a “Freeze” column to the right of the screen, and below that heading, buttons appear beside each item currently on your holds list.

  • Click on the button beside each hold you want to “freeze." You will see a check mark inside the box.

  • To make the change(s) apply, click on the Confirm Changes button that appears at the top of the screen just above your list of holds.

  • Click Yes to confirm changes.    


When you are ready to receive your holds again, you must unfreeze your holds. To unfreeze your holds, follow the same steps to freeze a hold, but in this case, clicking on the boxes removes the check mark from the freeze column. You must click on the Confirm Changes button so that the change applies. After unfreezing your hold, check to see if the item was returned while you were on vacation and is currently available for checkout.