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Materials Selection Policy

The Library affirms and encourages the freedom to read, the enjoyment of lifelong learning, and open access to ideas.  The mission of the Library is to make readily available, in the most appropriate formats, the information and materials most wanted by its users.

The Library Board of Trustees endorses the Library Bill of Rights as adopted and amended by the American Library Association on January 23, 1996.


• The Library selects and makes available materials in a variety of formats for the interest, information, and enlightenment of all the people of its community.

• The Library seeks to represent a diversity of expression and points of view in its collection in order to provide people with the foundation for making informed decisions and formulating personal opinions.

• Items are selected for inclusion in the collection based on the following considerations:

          —     Proven or potential interest.

          —     Availability and cost.

          —     The amount of similar material already in the collection.

          —     The extent to which the material may be available elsewhere.

           —    The suitability of the physical format and the availability of space.

The presence of controversial materials in the collection shall not constitute an endorsement of the ideas contained therein.

• Items are not excluded from the Library because of the race or nationality or social, political, or religious views of the author.  Items are not excluded from the collection because they may contain language and illustration offensive to some persons.  Works being considered are to be viewed as a whole, not in isolated parts.

• The Library is aware that individuals may question the selection of a specific item and welcomes any expression of opinion by patrons.  However, the Library cannot undertake the task of pleasing individuals by removing such items.

• The Library is not responsible for the material chosen and read by minors.  Acquisition of adult material shall not be restricted by the possibility that these materials may come into the possession of minors.  Professional staff are available to offer suggestions to minors in choosing Library material.  The Library shall not be expected to act in loco parentis.

• Books and other materials shall be made easily accessible to the public.  Use of certain items may be limited because of susceptibility to loss or damage.

• Gifts of materials to enrich the Library collection are welcome.  This selection policy applies to all such materials.  The Library Director reserves the right to accept or refuse conditions placed upon gifts of materials by donors.  Most gifts are donated to the Friends of the Library.

• The Library encourages individuals to suggest items for purchase at any time.  These suggestions shall be reviewed by the appropriate Library staff and Library Director.

• Items may be discarded from the Library if they are physically worn or damaged, surplus to the collection, or no longer relevant to the needs of the community.

• All decisions regarding the selection or withdrawal of materials are made by the Library Director and other professional staff.


Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees:  February 22, 1988                                     

Endorsed by the City Council:  March 29, 1988                                                              

Revised:  September 15, 2014

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