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Library Card and Borrowing Policy

Starting September 28, eLibrary cards and temporary numbers will no longer work to log in on the public computers and book study rooms. To avoid losing access to these services, visit the Customer Service desk on the first floor to get a library card. 

One-hour guest courtesy passes to use the computers are available at the second floor information desk and the reference desk in the Children’s Room.

For more information, visit the FAQ page.


This Policy outlines Mountain View Public Library borrower eligibility, privileges, and responsibilities.

Getting a Library Card:

  • The Library issues free Library cards to anyone residing in California.
  • Cardholders need to use their Library card or know their Library card number and PIN when borrowing materials.
  • Photo identification is required to replace a lost or stolen Library card and to check out LINK+ items. 

Cardholder Responsibilities:

Cardholders accept full responsibility for all materials borrowed on their card and for all associated charges and will report a lost or stolen card or change of address.

Cardholders agree to abide by Library policies and procedures.  Parents/guardians are responsible for all materials used, and any lost or damaged charges accrued, through use of Library cards by their minor children.


Per California Government Code Section 6267, public library records are considered confidential. See the Library Confidentiality Policy for more information.

Library Card and Borrowing Regulations:

Card Type Current Photo I.D. Required CA Address Required  Expiration Check Out Physical Materials  Check Out LINK+ materials  Use Digital Resources  Use Library Computers and Study Rooms 
Full Access card Yes Yes  None Yes Yes Yes Yes
Limited card Yes No  None Up to five (5) total items  No Yes Yes
Student Connect
(available through 
participating schools)
 No Yes When student leaves school No No Yes Yes
  • Anyone age 13 and older may apply for a Library card.  Children 12 and under may obtain a Library card with a parent or legal guardian present.  A parent or guardian needs to provide photo identification.
  • LINK+ is a free service which allows Mountain View Public Library customers to borrow available items from participating public and academic libraries in California and Nevada.
  • When applying online for a card, a temporary card number and PIN will be sent via email.  With the temporary card number, you may immediately access the Library's digital resources and place a hold on library materials.  To complete your registration for a card, bring your current photo identification to the Library within 30 days.
  • Current acceptable identification or photocopy:
    • State of California ID
    • Matrícula Consular ID/driver’s license from Mexico
    • Passport (U.S. or non-U.S.)
    • Passport cards
    • Photo bank card
    • Photo credit card
    • Alien registration/green card
    • Driver’s license from any U.S. state/territory
    • State ID from any U.S. state/territory
    • Canada driver’s license
    • Work ID
    • School ID (must be current year)
    • Military ID

Items and Loan Limits:

Up to 100 physical items per card may be borrowed at any given time.

Material Loan Period Limit Renewals
Books, Music CDs, and Audiobooks 4 weeks 100 3
DVDs/Blu-ray 1 week
2 weeks--sets
30 per card total 3
Magazines 4 weeks 100 1
Video Games 4 weeks 3 1
LINK+ 3 weeks 100 1
Book Club Kits 6 weeks 2 per card 1
Reference Materials In-Library Use N/A N/A
  • Up to 25 items per card may be placed on hold at any given time.  Up to two Book Club Kits per card may be placed on hold at any given time.
  • Items are automatically renewed on the due date unless another customer has placed a hold on the item or the renewal limit has been reached.
  • Items are held for seven days from the date the hold notice is sent.  LINK+ items are held for 10 days. 

Damaged and Lost Items:

The Library does not charge overdue fees; however, when an item has been lost or damaged beyond Library use, the cardholder account will be charged the retail price of the item lost.  If any part of an item is missing upon return, the full replacement cost of the item may be charged.  Library accounts with $50 or more in fines will have borrowing privileges suspended.  The replacement cost of a LINK+ item is set by the LINK+ consortium.

Refund Policy:

A lost item already paid for and found within six months of payment may be returned for a refund. 

Payments of lost LINK+ items are nonrefundable.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees: June 19, 2006
Revised: September 16, 2019
Revised: December 9, 2019
Revised: July 20, 2020
Revised: October 18, 2021
Revised: September 19, 2022

Download a copy of the Library Card and Borrowing Policy