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Changes to Discover & Go starting September 11, 2018

Starting Tuesday, September 11, 2018, Discover & Go will have a new site. In preparation for the migration to the new site, the old Discover & Go site will not be available on Monday, September 10 from 8:00-11:00pm.

Changes and enhancement to the service will also be introduced on September 11. The two significant changes to the service are: an age limit and residency requirement.

Age Limit: The minimum age to reserve a pass is 14 years old. For some attractions, the minimum age will be 16 or 18 and up. Attractions available for older age groups will not display on the screen when someone younger logs in. For example: the de Young Museum has an age limit of 18 and up. If a 14 year old logs into the D&G site, the de Young Museum passes will not show up on the screen.

Residency requirements: Patrons must live within the library’s service area in order to log in and reserve passes. The new site is set up to track a patron’s zip code. If a patron does not qualify to reserve a pass because their zip code is not in the library’s jurisdiction, we recommend that they try their home library (within their zip code) since many local library systems offer Discover & Go.

Read about changes and enhancement to the new Discover & Go site starting September 11, 2018.

Use your library card to get free museum passes!

  • Visit our Discover & Go site at
  • Enter your library card number and PIN (just like you do when you check out books or eBooks).
  • Choose a date on the calendar on the left side of the page.
  • Scroll through the list to find the museum or attraction that you want to visit.
  • Click on Reserve Pass.
  • Print your pass!

Watch this tutorial on checking out a pass.

Please note:

  • Each museum or attraction sets the rules for their passes.  Some only provide discounted admission, while others provide a free visit.
  • You can have only two open reservations at one time.
  • The availability of passes varies from day to day. If a museum is unavailable on the day you originally chose, try another date.
  • Once a pass has been viewed or printed, the reservation cannot be cancelled.
  • The person making the reservation must be physically present and in possession of the printed pass and a photo ID when entering the museum or attraction.

This service is made possible by the generous sponsorship by the Friends of the Mountain View Library