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March 2, 2018 Library Remodel updates

The week ending March 2, 2018

Walls have been knocked down and work is progressing on our new reading room on the second floor. This photo shows an area that used to be storage, behind where the magazines used to be. The construction in this area should be complete the week of March 19 and then we get new furniture later that week. We hope to open this space to the public by the end of the month.

All of the wooden book carts have been moved out of the new study rooms on the second floor and the materials re-shelved. Work will begin this week to finish the study rooms, although they probably won’t be ready for public use until April.

The children’s area is undergoing dramatic change. This is how the former staff area looks now. The walls have been completely demolished and the area is being prepared for public use.

This photo shows what used to be the entrance to the children’s area. The walls are completely gone and the doors have been removed. This will allow us to expand the children’s area all the way to the lobby.

Here’s what’s coming up, subject to change:

  • March 12 – The computer training room on the second floor will close for construction. The computers will be moved out to the new furniture that is near the reference desk.
  • March 12-19 – The first floor restrooms will close for additional ADA upgrades.
  • March 16 – Carpeting will be installed in the periodical area on the second floor.
  • March 17 – The carpeting will start in the new children’s area.
  • March 19 (week of) – New furniture will arrive for the second floor and the old furniture will be removed.
  • March 19 – Carpeting will take place in the octagon area on second floor, adjacent to the newspapers. The periodicals will be relocated.
  • March 20-26 – Second floor restrooms close for additional ADA upgrades.