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February 16, 2018 Library Remodel updates

The Week Ending February 16, 2018

Walls are coming down and collections are on the move! The Library is starting to look very different and we are making good progress on our remodel.

Shelving has been added to the 2nd floor and adult collections are shifting. Walls are coming down to make room for the newly expanded children’s space (photo on the right shows the former entrance to the Children’s department).

second floor non-fiction side shelves Children's Room construction

The former children’s office area is being dismantled to make room for more seating for the public (photo on left). One wall of the community room is being demolished to increase the size of the room to accommodate more attendees at library programs (photo on right).

 Former Children's office Children's room wall showing studs

Here’s what’s coming up (subject to change):

  • The restrooms need to be closed again for additional required ADA upgrades. In about a week, the first floor restroom will be closed for one week and when the work is complete the second floor restroom will be closed for one week. This should complete all the necessary upgrades.
  • The public Internet terminals will be installed on the new computer furniture on the second floor next week.
  • Carpeting will begin in the new children’s area next week.
  • Work will resume on the new study rooms once the adult collections have been moved back on the shelves.
    Additional shelving on the second floor will be installed in early March, which will allow us to complete the shift of the adult collections.