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February 12, 2018 Library Remodel Updates

The week ending February 12, 2018

The 2nd floor has experienced a lot of changes.

  • We have new computer tables and the DVD collection from the first floor has been moved to the second floor.
  • The adult music CD collection and world language collection have also been moved to the second floor.
  • The audio books have been moved from the fiction side of the second floor to the non-fiction side.
  • Carpeting in the adult fiction area is done.
  • We are also doing a major shift in the adult non-fiction area.

Work has also commenced to create the new reading room on the second floor. A barrier has been installed to protect the construction area where the magazines used to be.

Demolition is starting in the children’s area. The first photo below shows what used to be the adult and children’s DVD collection. The next photo shows the area that used to house the world language and CD collections. The wall on the right in this photo will be demolished to increase the size of the community room. A plastic barrier has been installed at the lobby to protect the public and staff from this construction area.