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January 15, 2018 Library Remodel Updates

The week ending January 15, 2018

  • The entire second floor of the library will be re-carpeted as part of the remodel project. This work began while the library was closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. On Monday the old carpeting was removed and the new carpeting will be installed about mid-week. The rest of the second floor will be done in sections over the next month.




  • The welcome desk has been removed. New Library cards and other services will be provided at the Customer Service desk on the opposite side of the lobby.


  • The children’s department will be closed at the double doors starting on Tuesday, January 16. A small, temporary collection of popular children’s materials has been set up near the holds, on the way to the Teen Zone.


  •  The first floor restrooms have re-opened. The second floor restrooms will close January 22 for a month for ADA upgrades.


Here's What's Coming Up  (all dates approximate)

  • January 16:  The Children’s department closes.
  • January 17:  New carpet installation begins on second floor.
  • January 22:  New computer tables arrive and public Internet computers re-installed by the end of the week in the oval area in front of the reference desk on the second floor.
  • January 24:  Adult media and world language collections begin moving to the second floor.