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2017-18 Library Remodel

The Library is being remodeled!

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On June 27, 2017, the City Council approved plans and specifications for a remodel of the library. You can read the staff report with details of the project here (see: item 4.6)

Here is a summary of the major parts of the project:
  1. Expanding the Children’s area out to the lobby.
  2. Expanding the Community Room on the 1st floor.
  3. Enclosing the opening in the ceiling above the current DVD collection to create a structural floor for more seating on the 2nd floor.
  4. Converting the training center on the 2nd floor to a second Community Room.
  5. Creating an additional seating area near the magazines and newspapers on the 2nd floor.
  6. Building additional study rooms on the 2nd floor.
  7. Upgrading the materials return equipment to include a new return station outside the front door on Franklin Street.
  8. Due to construction, the Monarch conference room and large study room are no longer available. Other Study rooms are available on the second floor on a first-come first-served basis.

Questions? Read the Library Remodel FAQ.

Construction began in November and should be completed by the end of the fiscal year. We plan to keep the library open during the project, but the children’s area will be closed for several months. A small children’s collection will be available near the new adult books on the 1st floor, and we will be taking some children’s programs to other locations. Adult media collections will be relocated to the 2nd floor.

Children's Room Public Art

The Visual Arts Committee has selected artwork for the glass wall leading into the new children’s area. This was approved unanimously by the City Council at their October 3 meeting. You can read the staff report and drawings of the art here (see: item 4.3)

Resources and Services

 During the remodel you may find these resources helpful:

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