CERT Neighborhood Groups

list of existing neighborhood CERTs.Mountain View encourages organized neighborhood CERTs.  These are composed of a core group of CERT trained individuals and neighborhood volunteers.  The groups provide an on-going source of disaster preparedness information to their neighborhood and conduct periodic drills to practice their CERT skills. 

In addition to the links on this page, you may contact the Office of Emergency Services for more information at 650-903-6825.

Existing CERT Groups

The map below shows current CERT neighborhood groups. For a pdf of the map below, click here.

For each group's contact information, please see the list of existing neighborhood CERTs.

Forming a New Neighborhood CERT

Residents of Mountain View are encouraged to form CERTs to help themselves and their neighbors prepare for emergencies, and to provide assistance during and after an emergency.  Neighborhood CERTs are a good way for a small number of participating residents to establish a community feeling that supports a much larger neighborhood.  The long term result is a safer and supportive neighborhood where people want to come and live.

A Neighborhood CERT may also be a Neighborhood Association recognized by Mountain View’s Council Neighborhood Committee and be eligible to apply for support from the city. 

One of the most important things a neighborhood CERT can do during a major disaster is to communicate their neighborhood’s condition and needs to the City when 911 and other telephone services are not available.

Forming a Neighborhood CERT is simple and easy. The starting point is one CERT Trained person who is willing to be the Point Of Contact for the group.  That person identifies an additional two or three people to be the core of the new group. 

A Neighborhood CERT may establish its boundaries around blocks of single family homes, a development, or a medium to large condominium or apartment complex. A group may start with a small area and expand over time.

There is no specific way a Neighborhood CERT has to be organized.  The links to existing groups above provide examples that can be used. 

When you want to form a new Neighborhood CERT, or if you have additional questions please call 650-903-6825.

Neighborhood CERT Communication

CERT training teaches participants how to take care of themselves and their families, and assist their neighbors during and after a disaster.  Each neighborhood group develops its own focus and activities, with a balance of emphasis among information gathering and reporting, and small team Search & Rescue, Medical Assistance & Fire Suppression efforts. 

All CERTs are asked to use the standard Summary Message Form when communicating information to the Mountain View Emergency Operating Center (EOC).  Information for the summary message can be gathered on the Damage Assessment Form. For other communications to the EOC, use the General Message Form. Ham Operators at CERT Command Posts with packet capability should use the MTV Universal PacForm for both Summary & General forms. For communications within CERTs, the assigned GMRS/FRS frequencies are found in the Communications Plan.

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